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Chocolate mousse cake | ©  Lionel Allorge/WikiCommons
Chocolate mousse cake | © Lionel Allorge/WikiCommons
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The 10 Best Cafes In Augsburg, Germany

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Augsburg, situated on the river Lech, is one of Bavaria’s biggest towns after the city of Munich. It is most renowned for having counted among its inhabitants the famous playwright Bertolt Brecht and Leopold Mozart, Amadeus Mozart’s father. If you’re planning on coming to Augsburg you can visit their natal houses as well as the town’s impressive town hall, cathedral and basilica. If you get thirsty and feel the need to rest your legs, this list of the top 10 cafes and coffee shops in Augsburg will come in useful.
Bagel & coffee | © Magnus D/Flickr
Bagel & coffee | © Magnus D/Flickr
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Cosmos Heart Café

You might not find an American newspaper easily in Germany, but you will find good American snacks in the Cosmos Heart Café. They serve cookies, brownies, and a variety of bagels imported from the States. You can add different flavored syrups to your coffee drinks, such as caramel, hazelnut, coconut or chocolate-mint. They offer 30 different types of tea from Colorado and they also have a good selection of iced drinks. The cafe is airy with a high vaulted ceiling, and the colorful room is decorated with warm wood. The cafe is well worth a visit.

Address and telephone number: Steingasse 12a, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 3433477

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Café Eber

If you have a bit of a sweet-tooth you will love Café Eber. This cafe simultaneously acts as a coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, cake and chocolate shop. All the products are fresh and their items are home-made on site. The cafe-shop has been run for four generations. It is located on the town’s central square opposite the city hall so when the weather is good you can sit outside and enjoy the view of the beautiful old buildings. The decor is modern but comfortable, with plush seats. A warning though; such a vast choice of tasty cakes and chocolates to pick from can result in some serious deliberation.

Address and telephone number: Philippine-Welser-Straße 6, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 36847

Eber 2013 | Courtesy of Café Eber

Eber 2013 | Courtesy of Café Eber | Courtesy of Café Eber

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Barfüßer Café

Being a ‘barefoot’ café with a lovely wild garden area and outdoor seating, the Barfüßer Café is closed for four months in winter. This is the perfect place to relax in the sun and listen to the bubbling of the nearby stream. It is important to the owners to source local and seasonal products and they form part of a community organization which strives to promote quality gastronomy. They make good coffee and serve delicious homemade cakes as well as tasty breakfasts and lunches.

Address and telephone number: Barfüßerstraße 10, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 4504966

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Beim Weissen Lamm

Beim Weissen Lamm is simultaneously a cafe, a bar and a nightclub. The decor is a fun mix of different styles with old-fashioned wall paper and picture frames on one wall, hundreds of photos on another, and comfy poufs and pillows to sit bohemian-style. There is a large terrace outside from which you can watch the world go by. They make good milkshakes, or you can also treat yourself to an early beer or glass of wine. You might like it so much that you may decide to stay on for the evening entertainment.

Address and telephone number: Ludwigstraße 23, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 3196729

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Café am Milchberg

This cafe boasts a great view of Saint Ulrich church’s bell tower from the spacious back garden, and in spite of it being right in the center of the city you can still enjoy some peace and quiet away from the crowds in the streets. Here everything is homemade, delicious and, better yet, great value for money. Café am Milchberg helps train people with learning difficulties in catering and cooking and clearly they must be good teachers because the service is always quick, relaxed and friendly. They also organize occasional evening events such as concerts.

Address and telephone number: Milchberg 12, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 90793390

Augsburg Ulrichskirche mit Ulrichsviertel | © Alois Wüst/WikiCommonsAugsburg Ulrichskirche mit Ulrichsviertel | © Alois Wüst/WikiCommons

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Bohème Kaffeehaus & Restaurant

The Bohème Kaffeehaus can be found near the Fuggerei, the oldest social housing estate in the world. The name was chosen intentionally with the owners wishing to honor the tradition of ‘bohemian’ bars in Germany where non-conventional artists would ply their trade and facilitate an exchange of culture and learning. Accordingly, the cafe is cozy and colorful. There’s a large beer garden where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a locally produced beer. The cakes and tarts are all homemade and their food is made with local ingredients.

Address and telephone number: Vorderer Lech 3, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 – 159127

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Seven Five

Seven Five is the best place to come to if you are hoping to catch a major sports event. During half-time you can go and sit on their sunny terrace, and there is also plenty of space inside to sit with a group of friends. The cafe-bar is elegantly decorated with color-pane glass and a puzzle of differently shaped picture frames covering the walls. They also serve simple meals such as pizza, burgers and pasta.

Address and telephone number: Maximilianstraße 75, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 514665

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Anno 1578

This chic cafe-restaurant is situated in a lovely little square in one of Augsburg’s beautiful old buildings. The room is large, with a high vaulted ceiling supported by roman pillars. There is a long wooden table which invites you to sit and chat to neighboring strangers. They make delicious Italian-style coffee and food though the prices aren’t particularly budget-friendly. There is also a little shop area where they sell luxury products like quality coffee and wine. When the weather is good, you can sit outside next to the statue of Jakob Fugger, a famous merchant.

Address and telephone number:

Kaffeehaus Dichtl

There are actually two Dichtl cafés in Augsburg that are run by the same family, but this one is our personal favorite. They are professional cake and chocolate makers and they are constantly trying out new combinations of flavors. They also take orders for wedding cakes. The cafe is large and elegant with a polished wooden floor and delicate chandeliers, and they regularly exhibit a variety of artworks. Every Tuesday afternoon customers can enjoy a ‘cake buffet’ for less then five euros.

Address and telephone number: Maximilianstraße 18, Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 155107

Chocolate mousse cake | © Lionel Allorge/WikiCommons
Chocolate mousse cake | © Lionel Allorge/WikiCommons
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Schwarze Kiste

Coffee at Schwarze Kiste becomes a synonym for ‘elixir of life’ or ‘life attitude’. They strive to make the perfect espresso and their customers truly benefit from their hard work. The cafe is actually a van situated next to the railway but there’s a pretty room set out with wooden tables and chairs just next door to it. The set up has hippie vibes, with a large terrace decorated with flowers and fairy lights, and large murals and colorful pictures on the walls inside. Additionally, during the summer there are sofas outside. The food is scrumptious and they change the menu every week.

Address and telephone number: Haunstetter Str. 30, Augsburg, Germany