The 9 Best Brunch Spots In Cologne

© Courtesy of CafeCafe
© Courtesy of CafeCafe
Photo of Eliza Marin
14 November 2017

Located in western Germany, Cologne is a culturally rich city with numerous examples of high Gothic architecture in the old town. Before starting your tour of the city, make sure you eat an energizing morning meal in one of the amazing breakfast and brunch spots we have selected for you.

Cafecafe | © Courtesy of CafeCafe


Cafe, German, $$$
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CafeCafe is an urban eatery and coffee place for those who enjoy having breakfast at all times, even for dinner. Take a sit and have a look at the blackboard, listing items such as smoothies, bagel sandwiches, vegan carrot cake as well as a variety of salads, coffees and even the popular chai latte – and this is just half of the blackboard. Don’t miss the cafe’s local breakfast deluxe meal for two.

CafeCafe has two locations as follows:
Opening hours:Mon-Fri 7.30 am – 6.30 pm, Sat 9am – 6pm, Sun Closed
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 19pm, Sat-Sun 10am – 18pm

Funk Haus

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Funkhaus| © Rob Oo /Flickr
Funkhaus | © Rob Oo /Flickr

Funk Haus

From the modern but simple décor to the mouthwatering breakfast options, there are various reasons why customers love Funk Haus. Located close to the Main Station in Cologne, Funk Haus opens its doors every day to visitors from all over the world, so if you’re new in town this is the perfect place to start with. The atmosphere is lively, the breakfast meals are filling and the food is beautifully presented.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am – 12:00 pm and Fri-Sun 8.30am – 1am

Address: Funk Haus, Wallrafpl. 5, 50667 Köln, Germany, +49 221 2200

Street Food Festival

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Street Food Festival

Local vendors, small entrepreneurs, experimental chefs, food heroes serve the early in the morning to serve or sample the marvels of Street Food Festival. If you happen to be in Cologne when the festival is taking place look no further – this will be the best place to get something for breakfast or brunch. The festival surely beats any other multi-cultural culinary gahering, as most of the vendors showcase unique cooking skills. For more details about future events visit their website.

Opening hours: Open from 10am

Address: Street Food Festival, Vogelsanger Str. 231, 50825 Köln, Germany, +49 221 4600770

Noa Cafe

Restaurant, Mediterranean, European, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
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Noa Café
Noa Café | © Eliza Marin
Noa Café is a place with cosmopolitan flair, featuring minimalist interiors and specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. Every Sunday, a lively multi-cultural crowd gathers here. The cafe catches the attention of visitors with its post-industrial grey tones, massive wooden tables and colorful travel photographs. Visitors can enjoy an early cocktail or one of the exquisite dishes on offer. No budget brunch compares to Noa’s four course meal and buffet, with options ranging from appetizers, soup, omelette, pasta, bruschetta and desserts.

Opening hours: Mon- Sun 10am – 12am

Sehnsucht Café

Cafe, European, Northern European, $$$
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Cafe Sehnsucht
Cafe Sehnsucht | © Courtesy of Cafe Sehnsucht

Sehnsucht Café and restaurant promotes organic cuisine, and is known for representing the slow food movement in Cologne. Spacious and filled with light, the decor at Sehnsucht Café combines natural colors with quirky pieces of furniture. The café is also home to an enchanting Neo-Victorian garden. Breakfast here is simply delicious, the ingredients carefully chosen; bacon and cheese are provided by local vendors, and the marmalade is homemade.

Opening hours: Mon- Sun 9am – 1am


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Eltzhof is a classic Cologne landmark dating back to the 16th century, having been renovated many times over the yeras. Currently serving as an events complex, the venue blends medieval architecture with its original brewery heritage. The place is perfect for celebrating special events or for enjoying a sumptuous brunch on Sundays – the modern gastronomy is one of Cologne’s best.

Opening hours: Sun 10m – 15pm

Address: Eltzhof Gastronomie, Sankt-Sebastianus-Straße 10, 51147 Köln, Germany, +4902203 980080

Brasserie Fou

Restaurant, American, French, European, Vietnamese
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Located inside the Marriot International Hotel, the Brasserie Fou is a modern American restaurant with a touch of French cuisine. The restaurant offers a comfortable yet classy dining environment, with a family-friendly Sunday brunch. The rich brunch buffet is complemented by a variety of soft drinks, tea, and coffee, and for those who are celebrating a special occasion, there’s also Crémant, wine and beer. On Saturdays the restaurant has a special all-you-can-eat flambé tarte, accompanied by white wine..

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 6.30am-11pm, Sat 12pm – 3pm, 5.30 – 11pm, Sun 12pm – 3pm

Café Pascher

Bakery, Cafe, Pastry Shop, German, Coffee, Tea , Pastries, Dessert
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A classic 19th-century cafe and cake shop, Pascher is one of the oldest food haunts in Cologne, having kept the passion for baking in the family for four generations. The history of the cafe dates back to 1898, when Gertrud and Johann Heinrich Pascher started their first small bakery in 165b Dürener Street, a small building that later survived the Second World War and is still standing today. The food features some of the finest German delicacies such as Franzbrötchen – similar to cinnamon rolls – Black Forest Cake, and Schokokuss – translated as chocolate kiss – among others.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am- 7pm, Sat- 9am-6pm, Sun 10am- 6pm

Café Rico

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Café Rico

A vibrant hangout spot, Café Rico is the place to be when in Cologne. A kilometer away from the Dome, the café is a sheltered haven from the bustling crowds. Rico is famous for two things: offering one of the best brunches in town, and for its gay-friendly atmosphere. Whichever reason you’re visiting for, start by ordering a cup of their delicious coffee. Check out the menu to discover the numerous brunch options, including omelettes, muesli, cold cuts, croissants and cheese.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 10pm, Sun 9am – 8pm

Address: Café Rico, Mittelstraße 31, Köln, Germany, +49 221 2405364