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The 10 Best Brunches In Leipzig
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The 10 Best Brunches In Leipzig

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Updated: 28 October 2016
Whether going for a Sunday comedy brunch, a 1920s cafe or a brasserie with historical allure, Leipzig is has plenty of options for the keen brunch eater. Here’s our guide to some of the best spots.
Zentralstadion Leipzig Skyline
Zentralstadion Leipzig Skyline | © MatthiasX1/Flickr
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A cafe with personality, Alex is located in the historical cellar of the Burgkeller, near Goethe’s memorial. It’s a stylish place with a modern, wooden-cut design, blended with fine brick walls, classic and simple furniture. The brunch is served either indoor or on the terrace.
Address & telephone: Alex, Naschmarkt 3, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 20067530

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Milchbar Penguin

Bar and restaurant, Milchbar Penguin, is located in the Market Square of Leipzig’s historical part of town and serves a delightful brunch in a European-style. It is famous for its vivid, colorful and tasty ice cream assortments. For something more filling, opt for the generous brunch with bio breads, sausages, muesli with fresh fruits and desserts.
Address & telephone: Michbar Penguin, Katharinenstraße 4, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 9601979

Museum Grassi
Museum Grassi | © Appaloosa/WikiCommons
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Cafe im Grassi

Part of the museum complex of Music and Applied Arts in Leipzig, Cafe im Grassi is a refined cafe with an exquisite design and an elegant brunch option. Residing in the Museum Grassi, the cafe embodies a 1920 period interior design with spectacular murals and an assortment of artistic touches. For brunch, the changing menu contains both warm and cold dishes.
Address & telephone: Café Grassi, Johannispl. 5-11, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 2229330

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Leo’s brasserie

Leo’s brasserie is a known brunch area in the center of the city that serves delicious German and European cuisine with a laid-back atmosphere. The brasserie is one of the best places to eat on a budget in the historical center, and serves generous portions. Enjoy platters of cheese variations and cold cuts, numerous types of fresh fruits, puddings and desserts.
Address & telephone: Leo’s brasserie, Reichsstraße 20, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 1492073

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100 Wasser

100 Wasser is a spacious, two-story venue that upholds a spectacular but discreet panorama over the city center. It is a place where art is welcomed, with interesting surrealist design, powerful color combinations and an ensemble of mixed furniture. On the menu they serve a German brunch with fresh baguettes, 10 types of warm dishes and a variation of sweets.
Address & telephone: 100 Wasser, Barfußgäßchen 15, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 2157927

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Boasting a refined, modern setting, Kowalski is a cafe-bar with a place where art, design, a passion for books and culinary arts all meet. Brunch is served in a Mediterranean style, with delicious varieties of home-made marmalade and local baked breads.
Address & telephone: Kowalski, Ferdinand-Rhode-Straße 12, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 2126020

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Cafe Luise

Cafe Luise is a charming cafe on the corner of Bosesstraße and Gottschedstraße, one of the most chic areas in Leipzig. The joint has a subtle French style, welcoming everyone with its Parisian charm. The choice for breakfast comes with classic wheat bread, fresh cheeses, scrambled eggs and apple slices to boot.
Address & telephone: Café Luise, Bosestraße 4, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 9611488

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Sol Y Mar

The fabulous Sol Y Mar is one of those places where brunches take time, as it comes with divine presentation, in three courses, and – at request – even massages. The all-time favorite would be the ham and pineapple salad, with grilled cheese, eggs and roasted potatoes.
Address & telephone: Sol y Mar, Gottschedstraße 4, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 9615721

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Ideal for vegans, Symbiose is a modern restaurant where spectacular bio food meets good spirits. The kitchen uses fresh and seasonal ingredients out of biologically controlled environments to create healthy and delicious food. Try delicious dishes like spicy lentil and millet masala, or bruschetta with marinated tomatoes and basil.
Address & telephone: Symbiose, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 112, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0176 99072524

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A cosmopolitan urban lounge, Barfusz is a modern restaurant that hosts a comedy brunch every Sunday. Along with the hilarious part, the culinary delights include a special brunch of fruit salad, platters with sausage, cheese, sweets and fresh croissants and rolls, sided by coffee, juices and a glass of Prosecco.
Address & telephone: Barfusz, Barfußgäßchen 6-8, Leipzig, Germany, +49 0341 9628624