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The 10 Best Bars In Stuttgart, Germany
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The 10 Best Bars In Stuttgart, Germany

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Stuttgart, Germany, has a rich history that dates back to the Roman period. Nowadays it attracts countless tourists, many of whom like to enjoy a night out. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best bars.
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Ιf you like quality whiskeys, Ackermanns is your place in Stuttgart. Established since 1997, it has become a popular local haunt serving craft beer, cool drinks. It attracts all kinds of crowds, from punks to sports fans.

Ackermanns, 20 Bebelstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 6365522

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Caffe-Bar Fleck & Schneck

This lovely cafe-bar is preferred by the locals and tourists for a quick coffee or drink. Its central location, as well as the friendly and warm atmosphere are the most important part of the place and most of its success results from this. The killer cocktails are a must-try.

Caffe-Bar Fleck & Schneck, 27 Torstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 2348961

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This ‘black and white’ bar is famous for its particularly amazing cocktails. The polite service, the magical atmosphere and the amazing interior design will make you want visit it again and again.

Schwarz-Weiss-Bar, 8A Wilhelmstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 176 88246664

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7grad Stuttgart

7grad is a successful lounge bar-club in the city of Stuttgart. The most special part of its identity are the engaging blue colors and the party nights with famous live DJ sets. If you’re attracted by dynamic nightlife and dancing crowds, you must visit this top hot-spot in Stuttgart.

7grad, 32 Theodor-Heuss-Strasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 48983925

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Zwoflzehn is the ultimate destination for music lovers. It plays a wide range of genres, with weekly events. Indie dance, electro music, new folk, hip hop, disco make up just some of the music that vibrates throughout the bar.

Zwolfzehn, 45 Paulinenstraße, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 6581799

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California Bounge

Close to the central and crowded Konigstrasse, California Bounge offers moments of relaxation with smooth lounge vibes and cool drinks. Taste the fresh cocktails, as well as the coffee, milkshakes, yogurt drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks.

California Bounge, 7 Schellingstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 2260874

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Biddy Early’s Irish Pub

Every city in the world has its own authentic Irish pub, so Biddy Early’s is the authentic Irish pub of Stuttgart. Biddy Early’s Irish Pub was opened in September 1993 and was then developed from a bare cold cellar to a place with a warm and friendly atmosphere. It now has great entertainment, friendly staff and last but not least, tasty CRAIC beer. Karaoke parties, poker events and sport nights are just some of the special features of this amazing Irish pub.

Biddy Early’s Irish Pub, 28 Marienstrasse,Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 6159853

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Mata Hari

Mata Hari is a vibrant local bar in Stuttgart. It’s worth a visit due to its rich beer menu, which features many interesting and tasty brews.

Mata Hari, 3 Geißstraße, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 50421479

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Sky Beach Stuttgart

If you want to experience something different in the city of Stuttgart, you should visit Sky Beach. Located on a clean and sandy shore with a nice view of the city and plenty of sun beds and hammocks, the Sky Beach Bar will provide you of all kinds of drinks and snacks.

Sky Beach Stuttgart, GALERIA Kaufhof, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 163 8182320

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Ciba Mato Bar & Lounge

Ciba Mato is one of the most popular alternative bars in Stuttgart. Try the red mojito, the marshmallow lime vodka, the Moscow mule and the blood and sand cocktails. If you get hungry, that’s not a problem as Ciba Mata serves what is arguably the best chicken curry in Stuttgart.

Ciba Mato Bar & Lounge, 11 Wilhelmspl., Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 2369851