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The 10 Best Bars in Hamburg’s Old Town
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The 10 Best Bars in Hamburg’s Old Town

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Hamburg is one of Germany’ biggest and coolest cities, so it makes sense that it has a nightlife scene to match. After spending the day at different museums or soaking up sunshine by the port, end the evening at one of Hamberg’s hottest bars in Old Town. Offering everything from absinthe to old-school cocktail lounges, there is something for everyone.
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Luba Luft

If you are looking for speakeasy-style in a smokey, dark atmosphere with comfortable sofas and good company, Luba Luft is just the place. The bar staff know their stuff and the cocktails they create are top-notch. From authentic Moscow Mules (in copper mugs, of course), to a zinging whiskey sour, everything is mixed to perfection. It can get a bit crowded, but there’s usually a corner you can call your own.

Opening hours: Tues – Thurs 8pm – 1am; Fri – Sat 8pm – 3am

Luba Luft, Am Brunnenhof 2-4, 22767 Hamburg, Germany, +49 176 48194332

© Kira Garmashova / Shutterstock

© Kira Garmashova / Shutterstock

Christiansen’s Fine Drinks and Cocktails

Summer or winter, Christiansen’s is the place to be in the Old Town. The pub-style venue has a huge menu of international cocktails, both in its bar and for clientele sitting outside. The list is pretty much endless and covers all of the classics, plus some more inventive concoctions. If you still can’t find something you fancy, the staff are more than happy to whip something up based on your preferences.

Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 8pm – 3am; Fri 8pm – 4am; Sat 8pm – 5am

Christiansen’s Fine Drinks and Cocktails, Pinnasberg 60, 20359 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 3172863

Cocktails © Pixabay
Cocktails | © Pixabay
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Right across from the underground station, Knust is a former slaughterhouse turned live music venue that regularly features the latest in live and indie music. The concert space is large and offers notable acoustics, meaning that it attracts both famous bands, such as the The Decemberists and The National, and the not so famous. It’s a great place to discover new, up-and-comers and meet like-minded music fans.

Opening hours: Check venue’s site.

Knust, Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 87976230

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it might seem an unusual name, but Goldfischglas is an accurate description of this quirky venue. The bar has been crafted with a shallow water tank, home to several small fish. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but the bar has good enough drinks and atmosphere to make up for it. There’s a large menu of standard and mixed drinks and the crowd is always fun. It tends to get packed, especially on the weekends, so be sure to get there early if you want a good spot.

Opening hours: 12pm – 4am

Goldfischglas, Bartelsstraße 30, 20357 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 39903909

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Absinth Bar

Absinth Bar does what its name suggests and serves up a healthy dose of absinthe, alongside a large selection of spirits. Interiors are dark and slightly gothic, and the background of jazz classics definitely adds an appropriately French vibe. The origins of the bar began when a couple of friends wanted to open an absinthe bar. They educated themselves on everything about the “Green Fairy”, and Absinthe is the result. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the knowledgeable staff for a suggestion.

Opening hours: Tues – Thurs 8pm – 1am; Fri-Sat 8pm – 4am

Absinth Bar, Schanzenstraße 79, 20357 Hamburg, Germany, +49 176 23621956

Three multi-layer burning cocktail. The bartender ignites them lighter © Goncharov_Artem / Shutterstock

Three multi-layer burning cocktail. The bartender ignites them lighter © Goncharov_Artem / Shutterstock

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Le Lion de Paris

A little slice of Paris in Hamburg. Drawing on the speakeasy trend, this secret spot require a little role playing to get through the door. Ring the bell and wait for the doorman. It’s worth the charade, behind the entrance lies a French-style saloon, complete with velvet walls and jazz, transporting drinkers to Paris’s glamorous Bell Epoque period. The drinks don;t come cheap, but they are well-made and there’s an interesting selection.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 6pm – 3am; Sun 6pm – 1am

Le Lion Bar de Paris, Rathausstraße 3, 20095 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 334753780

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If you are looking for a quiet place to sip your pint, check out Klimperkiste, a quaint pub offering local beers and well-made cocktails. Staff is friendly and the clientele is a mixed bag of tourists and locals. The ambiance is low-key and cool, a relaxed place to end your day.

Opening hours: Mon – Wed 4pm – 4am; Thurs – Fri 4pm – 6am; Sat 3pm – 6am; Sun 3pm – 4am

Klimperkiste, Esplanade 18, 20354 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 346350

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M&V Bar

One oft he best LGBT bars in Hamburg, M&V Bar extends a warm welcome to everyone, inviting them in to enjoy well-mixed drinks and a friendly atmosphere. Locals rave about the martinis, shaken every night by handsome bartenders who know what they are doing. In the summer, take advantage of the outdoor seating area.

Opening hours: 5pm – 2am

M&V Bar, Lange Reihe 22, 20099 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 28006973

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This is what drinks with your eccentric uncle would be like, if he was also a staple of the Hamburg night life scene. 3-Zimmer-Wohnung means ‘three-room flat’ and the interiors are deliberately designed to feel homey and inviting. There’s a youthful vibe, with a foosball table, comfy sofas and different rooms to explore, but the underlying style is undeniably quirky-cool. With a gnome for a mascot, what do you expect?

Opening hours: Check with venue.

3-Zimmerwohnung, Talstraße 22, 20359 Hamburg, Germany, +49 160 90361519

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Old Mac Donald

Though Hamburg may be far from the USA, Old Mac Donald is a quintessential American sports bar tucked in Old Town. Decorated with memorabilia imported from the States, this bar is perfect for Americans looking for a taste of home while visiting Germany. The menu is simple but effective – good beer and a selection of burgers, ranging from small to an all-American king-sized.

Opening hours: Contact venue

Old Mac Donald, Stellinger Weg 33, 20255 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 5232983