The 10 Best Bars In Düsseldorf, Germany

The 10 Best Bars In Düsseldorf, Germany
The style of Düsseldorf offers countless opportunities for a night out. Whether you want a Manhattan sip, Mediahaffen class, Cuban flavors or bohemian spirit – Düsseldorf has it all. Check out the greatest bars in the city that are local havens serving the best quality drinks that guarantee a quality night.
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Hyatt Bar

Bar, German
A place for sight-seeing and to be seen, the Hyatt Bar encapsulates the glamorous high-life style that Düsseldorf is currently famous for. The bar is located at the entrance of the Hyatt Complex, over looking the Mediahaffen area and representing a break-through in architecture. Due to its shiny metal composition, it attracts the light and reflects the opulence of the entire landscape. This icon of business and success incorporates modern cocktails with a classic selection of wines and coffees. Be sure to try the king mojito.
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LIq Bar

Bar, Pub Grub, $$$
Picture those late-night party-goers who love a bartender in a crisp white shirt and classic bow tie, speaking friendly while juggling drinks like an artist, you can find them all at LIq Bar. There is no problem the huge Rolling Stone lips hanging over the bar can’t fix, and there’s no possible cocktail the bartender is unable to make. With its Manhattan style and exclusive atmosphere this an experience worthy of Düsseldorf’s name.
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Bar, Restaurant, Mediterranean, European, Spanish, $$$
Gute drinks
Gute drinks | © Christian Fu Mueller/Flikr
Spanish Bar-restaurant Lauren’s encapsulates the Mediterranean atmosphere over the night culture in Düsseldorf. A place of exquisite delights, with a variety of over 100 wines from Spain, Italy and further afield, the bar marries Düsseldorf’s spirit of slow drinking and style of fast living into the perfect atmosphere.
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Bar, Cocktail Bar, German, $$$
Away from the touristic agglomeration, Ellington is a cocktail bar that draws in adventurers who want a taste of local spirit and night lights. Naturally, the connection to the duke of music says a lot about the jazzy atmosphere of this bar, punctuating the smooth conversations over the best cocktails recipes and famous trends. The bartender, Robert Potthoff, is famous for his raving drinks mélanges, carefully bringing ingredients together into the perfect mix. Over a glass of Blue Moon, the black and white movie starts rolling and another mysterious night unfolds in the city of Düsseldorf.
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Kreuzherrenneck Bar

Bar, Pub, Pub Grub
Dusseldorf spirit condensed into one corner of the Old Town, Kreuzherrenneck is the friendly little bar that sets the tone for a great night out. Authentic artsy atmosphere is guaranteed and if that is not enough, the live music and bohemian regulars can ensure a night to remember. The bar offers all the customary cocktails, yet the locals always ask for the famous shots that give a taste from all corners of the world such as the crazy combination of Finnish Salmiakki and Alt-Beer, which is called Gedeck. If someone asks for peanuts but then throws them on the floor, this is just another wacky tradition and the cherry on the cake of this brilliant bar.
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Ugly Deluxe

Bar, Mediterranean, $$$
K21 | © Leoni1234/WikiCommons
Upon arrival, it’s clear that ‘ugly’ is meant ironically as this neighborhood has class and beauty. Celebrating a simplistic furniture design, with random lavish arm chairs and sofas here and there for luxury, Ugly Deluxe draws you in with its soft lighting and mysterious ambiance. As well as serving excellent Mediterranean cuisine, the extraordinary collection of wines and Bourbons will draw you back in again and again.
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Pardo Bar

Bar, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, German
With a gorgeous location near the Keisersteich pond, Pardo Bar encapsulates art and relaxation, as it is an integrated part of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen art museum, better known as the K21. Offering delicious breakfast and brunch options, Pardo really comes alive when the sun goes down. The remarkable large space and light atmosphere has an artistic touch, created by the projected multi-colored lights on the walls. Naturally, the bar has an impressive collection of cocktails, whiskeys and gin that cannot be beaten this side of the pond.
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Konvex Bar

Bar, German, $$$
Mojitos Bar
Mojitos Bar | © Tnarik Innael/Flikr
Known for their evening acoustic sessions in a homely atmosphere, Konvex Bar is a popular student hangout that an alternative party-goer would never miss. Interior design just for the non-conformist to feel right at home, the 1960 armed couches and the random flowered deer in the middle of the improvised stage gives the bar a definite quirky feel.
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Bar, Cocktail Bar, Beer, German, $$$
Mojito’s is a cocktail master house, as the owner himself went to Cuba to learn about the great flavors in everyone’s favorite cocktails. The bar and terrace offer a mélange between German professionalism and quality: fine spirituous choices, freshness of herbs and friendly service. Tasting the secrets from Havana in Düsseldorf is a rare experience, so choosing from a range of more than 100 cocktails, 60 whiskey types and countless wines is pretty close to Havana heaven.
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Bar Alexander

Bar, German, $$$
The absolute cocktail obsessed Bar Alexander is one of the most popular places to have a drink at the weekend. As the night progresses it is clear why: the tables are quickly cleared away and the bartender plays the ‘cocktails lottery’ to the excitement of the guests. This bar will make offers none can refuse, as the barkeeper offers five mini-cocktails in a round with insane combinations at decent prices, the Cocktail Flight is the highlight of the night.
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