Stay Awake For 48 Hours In Neukölln

© Sam Chills / Flickr
© Sam Chills / Flickr
48 hours in Neukölln is an opportunity for this heterogeneous hood to show its true colors, a sort of community peacocking. With inhabitants from over 160 backgrounds, this pocket of the city can sometimes cause friction, but it’s its multiculturalism that makes Neukölln what it is. This festival is an opportunity to explore the potential from its cultural boundlessness in the form of art. There are various events around the neighborhood that give people a space to showcase what makes them unique while sharing it with others. It’s a coalescence of education, fun, and growth. The streets can get pretty lively, and the events encourage participation. It won’t be a quiet 48 hours – that’s for sure.

📅 June 24th-26th
📍 Various locations around Neukölln