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adidas Muenchen made in Germany | © adidas
adidas Muenchen made in Germany | © adidas
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Prost! These Vomit-Proof Shoes Are Essential for Oktoberfest

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 13 September 2017
There’s only one accessory you need for Oktoberfest 2017, and it’s more practical than you think.

Drindl and lederhosen may be en vogue with German millennials, but tourists are being encouraged to take a more practical approach to Oktoberfest 2017. Ahead of this year’s festival, Adidas has released ‘vomit and beer-proof’ trainers.

Made from leather and featuring traditional embroidered detail, these ‘Prost’ trainers will help you navigate the beer swilling, glass clinking festivities with ease. The new Adidas München are lined with classic red and white checkered material, in tribute to the Oktoberfest table cloths, and they even come with a free beer mug to keep you focused on the main task at hand.

So if you’re looking for a sure way to keep clean in the frivolities of Germany’s most famous festival, you better get yourself a pair of these immediately.

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