Portable Photography: Maansi Jain Through Her Instagram

Berlin Voguing Out © Maansi Jain | Themaans
Berlin Voguing Out © Maansi Jain | Themaans
Photo of Brienne Pierce
24 April 2017

Maansi Jain is a German-born American artist and photographer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Like most good artists she’s fascinated by relationships; the way space relates to color, the way humans relate to one another. Her variegated portfolio highlights her partiality for complicating perspectives on what’s considered normative. Maansi’s prime vehicle of expression is photography, but that doesn’t curtail her from exploring other artistic mediums. Most recently, her work has been shown in New York, Los Angles, Berlin and Dublin. You can check out more of her photos @themaans or via her website.

Berlin Voguing Out © Maansi Jain | Themaans
Calf Muscle © Maansi Jain | Themaans

‘Calf Muscle’ (2015) was shot with an iPhone, this photo depicts a strange hole I found on some tights

Panorama Twice © Maansi Jain | Themaans

This is the same panorama twice over…shot at the deli next to the apartment I used to have in Brooklyn during a sentimental moment last March

Practice © Maansi Jain | Themaans

This a snapshot of a video my friend Henrike and I are working on as part of a series of works all about learning to kiss. I’m making out with M&Ms because we heard that it’s a great way to practice French kissing.

Vivian Kvitka © Maansi Jain | Themaans

A photo of my friend Vivian kvitka, for my fashion blog. The whole goal with the blog is to shoot the clothes people already own so she’s modeling her own stuff here.

The Hate Box © Maansi Jain | Themaans

My friend Stella Heath Keir invited me to be an extra on the set of ‘The Hate Box’, one of the episodes of ‘Translantics’… and this is Lily Mcmenamy on the phone on a break looking super glam in the reflection.

Let The Weekend Begin © Maansi Jain | Themaans

I’m a little obsessed with the Matrix posters because for the last two years I’ve lived in Friedrichshain and I can’t escape them so I’ve embraced them…

MAGPIE © Maansi Jain | Themaans

This picture was shot for the label MAGPIE done by my friend Yukiko Yamane.

Selfies © Maansi Jain | Themaans

This was somewhere between Aachen and Köln and friends were demanding we take selfies so I took this screenshot to have something that captured more of the feeling of the moment than a ‘regular’ photo was doing for me.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun © Maansi Jain | Themaans

‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ (2014) starring my collab partner Elizaveta Barsegova, with whom I did the project ‘redbeet’ for a show she curated at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery last year.

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