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© Hsing Wei / Flickr
© Hsing Wei / Flickr

Party & Shop At The Nachtflomarkt

Picture of Brienne Pierce
Updated: 23 June 2016
Any fun-filled weekend, especially in Berlin, has a market of sorts on the list. There are many to choose from in the Hauptstadt, ranging from farmer’s markets to good old-fashion flea markets. It’s not about consumerism; it’s about enjoying local suppliers goodies and being active in the community. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this Nachtflomarkt. Heaps of vendors will be putting their ‘something old’ on display for the buyers to ramble through. With its center city location, it won’t be hard to transform this trinket trolley into a partyscape. Tunes, drinks, and food will ensure this happening’s longevity long after the chairs and antique phones lose their allure.