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Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus | © Christian Reimer/Flickr
Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus | © Christian Reimer/Flickr
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Must-See Berlin Gallery Shows This Spring

Picture of Megan King
Updated: 17 April 2017
It’s time to spring clean your mind and get inspired with these must-see art exhibitions happening in Berlin this season.

The Haus by Berlin Art Bang

Not exactly your traditional gallery space, this art experiment reveals what happens when you let more than 100 artists into an old bank building in Kurfürstendamm to freely make art. It’s been the job of these artists, who come from a variety of disciplines, to turn the whole building into a conceptual and unique experience, fully immersing the senses. Adding to the excitement is the fact that the building is set to be demolished at the end of May, together with the exhibition.

The Haus, Nürnberger Str. 68, Berlin, Germany

Experience it before it gets demolished | Courtesy The Haus/Berlin Art Bang
Experience it before it gets demolished | Courtesy The Haus/Berlin Art Bang
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Lucid Dreams by Stefano Bosis

The current exhibition of Italian-born, Berlin-based artist Stefano Bosis fuses concepts of expressionism, surrealism and abstraction in large colourful canvases. His paintings depict lucid dreamlike landscapes and characters, influenced by the esoteric, magic and the artist’s own childhood. It is currently on show at the Magic Beans Gallery in Mitte until April 23.

Magic Beans, Auguststraße 86, Berlin, Germany

'Last Migrant (Sequel)' | Stefano Bosis/Courtesy Magic Beans Gallery

Last Migrant (Sequel) | Courtesy of Stefano Bosis/Magic Beans Gallery

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The best of all possible worlds by Eduard Bigas

Galerie Kuchling (The Gallery for Fresh Art) has found its new home on Karl-Marx-Allee. For the third time, they will be showing work by the Catalan artist Eduard Bigas until May 6. The artist will present work made within the last two years, in large-format oil paintings, multi-part compositions and pictorial drawings. The artist’s subject merges the line between graphic alignment and daring colours, between the figurative and the abstract and between objective and fantastic visuals to give his audience ‘the best of all possible worlds’.

Galerie Kuchling, Karl Marx-Allee 123, Berlin Germany

'Inferno purgatorio e paradiso,' 2016, oil on canvas | Eduard Bigas/Galerie Kuchling

Inferno purgatorio e paradiso, 2016, oil on canvas | Courtesy of Eduard Bigas/Galerie Kuchling

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Warpaintings by Christine Streuli

Berlin-based Swiss artist Christine Streuli uses colour to express her emotional world, and each of her works depicts the state of heart and experience she was feeling at the time. The result are technicolour swirls, splashes, stylised orals and geometric patterns organised onto large canvases. Now showing at the prestigious Berlinische Galerie as part of an award that the artist won – the 2017 Fred Thieler Prize for Painting – the exhibition ends on October 9, 2017.

Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstraße 124-128, Berlin Germany

'A certain smile of sadness', 2017 | © Christine Streuli, Repro: Jens Ziehe, Berlin/Courtesy Berlinische Galerie

A certain smile of sadness by Christine Streuli, 2017 | © Christine Streuli, Repro: Jens Ziehe, Berlin/Courtesy Berlinische Galerie

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In Berlin’s Modernist Network with Georg Kolbe

George Kolbe was a key figure of the arts scene in the first half of the 20th century and had a far reach into the worlds of politics, dance and architecture. To celebrate the sculptor’s 140th birthday, the Georg Kolbe Museum is commemorating the artist’s work, as well as his influential network of contemporaries. The exhibition includes paintings by Max Liebermann, Friedrich Ebert (the first president of Germany) and sculptor Renée Sintenis. The exhibition is set in Kolbe’s former home-turned-museum, and runs until May 1.

Georg Kolbe Museum, Sensburger Allee 25 Berlin, Germany

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Alchemy, The Great Art at Kulturforum

Alchemy is on show at the Kulturforum until July 23. The institution is presenting a wide range of works from some of today’s artists, as well as works dating back centuries, but all exploring the connection between art and alchemy. With more than 200 works representing over 3,000 years of art and cultural history, this is both a visual and historic journey not to be missed.

Kultuforum, Matthäikirchplatz, Berlin, Germany

'Hero’s Journey (Lamp)' by Sarah Schönfeld, 2014 | © Sarah Schönfeld/Kulturforum

Hero’s Journey (lamp) by Sarah Schönfeld, 2014 | © Sarah Schönfeld/Kulturforum