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Meet The Real Burger Kings In Berlin
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Meet The Real Burger Kings In Berlin

Picture of Sarah Coughlan
Updated: 28 November 2016
Berlin is hardly short of burger options, in fact, burgers have overtaken the humble döner as the takeaway of choice. We caught up with the brains behind Burger de Ville to find out what sets them apart from the burger competition.

TCT: What is the your most popular menu item? Why do you think it’s the most popular?

Definitely the cheeseburger, for the simple reason that it is comfort food. It’s straight forward, simple with good ingredients. I can have one myself at any time.

TCT: What differentiates Burger de Ville from other burger places?

We started as a food truck preparing our burgers out of an Airstream trailer. Secondly we developed everything ourselves. From the blend of the cuts of meat of our organic black angus beef from our farm near Berlin, to the buns recipe that we developed and all the sauces that we make ourselves in our trailer, which is really a high tech kitchen. We’ve taken that and more into a restaurant space on Berlin’s Ku’damm.

TCT: How did you become affiliated with Twenty Five Hours Hotels?

At first it was all really a marketing gag. I had a burger concept but the signed lease on a space did not go through. So I wanted to start with an Airstream trailer. 25hours had the construction site of the Bikini Berlin Hotel. Christoph Hoffmann, the CEO of 25hours is an old friend. We go back to a time in New York City when we both were at the beginning of our careers. We thought that co-branding the Airstream would create awareness of 25hours before the opening. The local, national and international press picked up on the venture which created curiosity of what was to come next. A great hotel, restaurant and bar in the city west of Berlin where I also developed the restaurant concept, Neni Berlin and the Bar concept, Monkey Bar. And now there are two more Burger de Ville trucks next to 25hours hotels in Vienna and Hamburg.

TCT: What is the cooking utensil you can’t live without?

The smashing utensil. We prepare burgers in the “Smash and Scratch” method. I feel that it gives the best maillard reaction and caramelization for the beef and seals the juices inside the burger meat.

TCT: What is the most memorable moment from your career?

Well there are so many…When it come to the burger business, it’s the first time a line of 50 meters has formed, full of people waiting to have a burger for lunch, and the guys and I were working like mad to make everyone happy. That was and still is a very satisfying experience.

TCT: How would you describe Burger de Ville in 80 characters?

Food truck for organic, black Angus, gourmet burger prepared in an iconic airstream trailer with love and care.

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