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Meet The Berlin Podcasters 'Berlinials'
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Meet The Berlin Podcasters 'Berlinials'

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Updated: 21 November 2016
For a city full of young English speakers, there is a surprising gap in the Berlin cultural landscape for art, literature, news, and chat in English. The girls behind Berlinials, a new English-language podcast, have rushed into the vacuum to offer chat, fun, and a look at life in Berlin for English speakers everywhere.

How did you decide to start a podcast?

Over a bottle of red wine in a restaurant. The three of us have been listening to podcasts over the past one to two years and realized that the English podcast scene in Berlin is relatively small and that this needs to be changed.

TCT: What about Berlinials sets it apart from other podcasts in Berlin?

We are one of the few English-speaking podcasts. But more importantly, we wanted to create this feeling for the listener that they are sitting together with their best friends over a glass of wine, talking about the things that excite us – from post-student life struggles to whatever is taking the internet by storm. As we all have different backgrounds, from our studies to nationalities, we feel that it makes for a lively discussion.

TCT: What’s the next step for Berlinials?

We need to become more tech savvy and improve our recording, although surprisingly you can get pretty far by Googling how to edit a podcast. We want to take things to the next level and have more listeners. And we’d like to mix up the format of the podcast a bit more, do some movie reviews, interview some interesting people (call us, Mindy Kaling).

TCT: What advice would you give your younger self?

Worry less. Wear lots of crazy clothes, and that will make your older self have some great #throwbackthursday posts on Instagram. ‘Impostor’ less…

TCT: What are your favorite podcasts?

We have different taste: Call Your Girlfriend, Millennial, Serial, Sanft und Sorgfältig (RadioEins show), Note to Self… We listen to a broad range of podcasts, from German and U.S. to British and Australian ones. The issues vary from tech-savviness to economics and pop culture phenomena.

TCT: How would you describe Berlinials in 80 characters?

Three 20-somethings, two bottles of wine, and one podcast, pretending to be adults in Berlin.

Quick Fire

Sweet or savory?

Sarah (German): Sweet

Marissa (Australian): Savory

Apple or android?

Sarah: Android

Marissa: Apple

Renoir or Monet?

Sarah: Renoir, but Mark Rothko is my artist of choice.

Marissa: Monet. Who doesn’t like water lilies?

TV series or feature film?

Sarah: TV series

Marissa: TV series

Bike or drive?

Both: Bike! We are all too poor for cars, plus this is Berlin we are talking about…

Fiction or nonfiction?

Sarah: Fiction

Marissa: Nonfiction

This American Life or Serial?

Sarah: No hard feelings.

Marissa: I have only listened to Serial actually.