Make Partying Great Again: German Police Ban Thousands of Donald Trump Ecstasy Pills

Nope | © tiburi/Pixabay
Nope | © tiburi/Pixabay
Photo of Megan King
24 August 2017

It seems nothing, not even Germany’s beloved and so-called underground party scene, has been untouched by the creepy mark of the Donald Trump hairdo. The latest headline in Germany was the seizure of an enormous batch of orange ecstasy pills, that are in the shape of none other than the President’s unmissable face.

The picture of the pills, as supplied by the police department | © Polizei Osnabrück/ Facebook

It seems the German authorities were having none of it, as a huge stash of the pills – around five thousand in total – did not make it to the dance floor and were instead seized by the Saxony police, in the north of Germany.

The irony of these particular pills cannot go unnoticed. Imagine feeling that everything you do is totally amazing and important, well, that’s kind of an illusion that Donald Trump and ecstasy users both experience, albeit that being in a state of total love and euphoria on the dance floor is probably the better option.

The seized stash is worth just under 40 thousand euros and, for extra clarity, they are also stamped with the name ‘Trump’ on the back of them. The pills were found during a road check last Saturday night, in an Austrian van with a 51-year-old driver and his 17-year-old son in the passenger seat. The drugs appear to have come from the Netherlands. For the time being, the father and son duo will have to wait it out in prison after a warrant for their arrest was issued.

It seems like the pills are dead set on hitting the European party scene, and this isn’t the first time the Donald Trump-shaped treats have been found trying to take over. Another shipment of the same pills were found in England earlier this year, and those in the know can also find them on the dark web, carrying the motto ‘Trump makes partying great again’. Well, that’s debatable.

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