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‘Here They Come II’, Paris, France 1981 | © gildas_f/Flickr
‘Here They Come II’, Paris, France 1981 | © gildas_f/Flickr
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Helmut Newton: The Work Of A Lifetime

Picture of Pia Zimmermeyer
Updated: 7 November 2016
On December 5th, 2015 the Helmut Newton Foundation opened a new exhibition called Helmut Newton: Pages of the Glossies/Greg Gorman: Color Works. Newton’s name is still very common in the world of fashion, and probably every fashion photographer and everyone who wants to be one has heard of him. But what made him as big and remarkable as he still is today?

Helmut Newton was born in 1920 in Berlin and fled the city in 1938. He made his way via Singapore to Australia where he met his wife June. An important milestone during this period was his employment with the French Vogue in 1961.

The Helmut Newton Foundation opened their doors in 2003 in the photography museum in Berlin. Newton himself founded it, and it’s still a core part of the museum, complete with regular updates on his work.

Photography Museum Berlin | © Rool Paap/flickr
Museum for Photography, Berlin | © Rool Paap/flickr

Helmut Newton made quite a long journey to be as well known as he is today. Berlin, Australia, France, the US – he traveled the world. Even after his death in 2004, his work is still published, and his name won’t be forgotten any time soon. Newton is probably still one of the most present photographers in Berlin.

Newton’s wife June and the president of the foundation were present for the 2015 exhibition’s opening to support his work. It showcases pieces by Newton from a time period of 40 years, with a focus on his work for international fashion magazines, which were taken between 1956 and 1998. Newton was booked several times over during this time by fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle, which was a curiosity in the fast pace of fashion. His work shows his visions on particular fashion trends, making him famous all over the world.

‘Here They Come II’, Paris, France 1981 | © gildas_f/Flickr
‘Here They Come II’, Paris, France 1981 | © gildas_f/Flickr

Moreover, there is a coffee table book of the exhibition available, published by TASCHEN. It shows 500 original pages of his work for Vogue, Elle and Queen. Quite intriguing is the interaction of Newton’s work and the partially provocative typography of the fashion magazines’ graphic designers. The bonus on top are Newton’s comments on how the pictures were taken and how he got the ideas.

Helmut Newton | © Camila Giraldo/flickr
Helmut Newton | © Camila Giraldo/flickr

Helmut Newton Foundation, Museum of Photography, Jebensstraße 2, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 318 648 56