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Courtesy of Pika Pika
Courtesy of Pika Pika
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Heating Up The Hauptstadt With Pika Pika Chili Compositions

Picture of Brienne Pierce
Updated: 28 November 2016
German cuisine isn’t particularly known for its bold flavors but in recent years, as Berlin’s food scene evolves, so do the dishes and their flavors. Two spice enthusiasts from Venezuela are hopping on the bandwagon and bringing their love for hot sauce and culinary ingenuity to the scene. Read on to find out how they are turning up the heat in the Hauptstadt.

Who are you guys, and what do you do?

We are Diego and Fabian, trying to bring together chilis and culinary art. If cheese, wine and whisky are so beloved and respected, why not chilis ?

Where are you guys from, and why did you move to Berlin?

We are both from Venezuela. We met some years ago in the party city, becoming great friends, and some time ago started to think [about doing] something together, further than just partying. Diego is a double bass player, arriving in Berlin after studying at the Venice conservatory. Fabian came with a scholarship to study, and then started working in some internet startups.

Image Courtesy of Pika Pika
Courtesy of Pika Pika

Do you think Berliners can handle spicy?

Not only Berliners – chilis are so diverse, with so many different heat levels, colors, tastes, and even they burn in different zones and velocities in the mouth. There is a certain hot sauce for every kind of person.

Where do you source your ingredients?

From the market. We just need vegetables, spices like curry and sometime panela (jaggery). Nothing strange. And the chilis from a couple of organic farms in Europe.

What’s the process of making your sauces like?

We are still learning, but the success at this moment tells us that we are on the right path. Diego tries to harmonize the characteristics of a certain chili (color, heat level, taste) with the best secondary ingredients.

Image Courtesy of Pika Pika
Courtesy of Pika Pika

Do you think Berlin’s environment supports the slow food movement you guys are trying to emulate?

Well, Berlin is without doubt one of the best places to be a food artist. Small manufacturers have options in this city to develop their ideas, and the public is open for new products. The slow food movement is still small but continuously growing.

What do you LOVE about your sauces?

It is like our baby, but sometimes we still buy Tabasco and Sriracha – shhhh. Seriously, the combination of colors, the new bottles, the variety of heat levels and the perfect flavors – you can use them in almost any kind of food; just be creative and read our blog. For example, our Kiwi Mint Jalapeno Jelly or the Mango Rose Water Serrano Chili Jelly are perfect in combination with ice cream.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making hot sauces?

We would be still partying in Berlin and sometimes playing baseball.

Where can hot sauce lovers find your stuff?

We have an online shop. There’s also the Pffeferhaus store in Berlin and Hannover,, among others.

Image Courtesy of Pika Pika
Courtesy of Pika Pika

Quick Fire:

Favorite place for spicy food in Berlin? We are still looking for such a place.

Favorite place to sit and have a beer in the summer? Tempelhofer Feld

Favorite City? Caracas, Venezuela

Something you wish was represented in the Berlin food scene that isn’t already? A mushroom movement…

Favorite place to go on a Sunday? Again, Tempelhofer Feld