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Berlin Beer Week 2016/Courtesy of BBW 2016
Berlin Beer Week 2016/Courtesy of BBW 2016
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For The Love Of Craft: Berlin Beer Week 2016

Picture of Ida Reihani
Updated: 26 September 2016
Tiffany Herrington carries the unofficial title of Berlin‘s ‘Craft Queen’. Long gone are the days when she would fall asleep in Seattle’s heat making her first home-brew, ‘Passed-out Porter’. A true craft beer enthusiast, not only did she import her sunshiny personality and love for the brew into Berlin, she also inspired the Berlin Beer Week, a nine-day craft beer summer festival from July 22nd to 30th with as many as 70 participants and 50 events. Mocking the Reinheitsgebot ‘German Beer Purity Law‘, Berlin Beer Week celebrates the ingenuity of craft beer and weds the brew with Berlin’s art and hip, mixing and matching the craft with food, art, cinema and cooler-than-cool locations and locals of the Hauptstadt.

The celebration is set to kick off in style. The festival will be initiated by Germany’s first-ever Cruise Ship Craft Beer Festival, a three-hour long cruise on the good old Spree in Berlin’s Mitte featuring as many as 40 craft beers from more than 20 brewers. The open glass (all-you’d-like-to-drink) event is also set to showcase ‘Sunburst Sour’, an original sour beer fermented in the style of a Berliner Weisse but with the added twist of local blossom honey and lemon peel. Brewed for and only available during the Berlin Beer Week 2016 Festival, the craft is the offspring of the collaboration between some of the more well-known Berlin-based brewers. And as if this ‘limited edition brew’ was not enough, select locations will also offer the Berlin-Beer-Week Burger. This gourmet burger will have at least one ingredient incorporating a craft beer offered by that location.

Locations will be transformed for the Festival/ Courtesy of Berlin Beer Week
Locations will be transformed for the Festival | Courtesy of Berlin Beer Week

Those seeking to offer their taste buds an added sensation might seek the thrills of Bierlieb’s Ale-lone in the Dark Dinner, where in return for five beers and five courses you are asked to give up the the sense of sight and let the textures, flavors and aromas guide you through a secret menu prepared by former chef turned Berliner Berg’s Braumeister Richie Hodges. As a matter of fact, Berlin Beer Week is the perfect opportunity to meet many of the Berlin-based Braumeisters, have a tour around their microbreweries and learn a secret or two from their craft. In addition to getting up close and personal in ‘Meet the Brewer’ events, the festival is adding to the drama in the first-ever series of Battle of the Brews where four Braumeisters are challenged to whip up a craft on the spot using a secret list of surprise ingredients. The event features two of the most celebrated nomadic breweries in Berlin, Lenny’s Artisanal Ales and Pirate Brew. These nomad and international brewers will be put in the spotlight in many of the ‘tap takeovers’ offered during the festival.

Courtesy of BBW2016
Courtesy of Berlin Beer Week 2016

There is even something for the art-lover. Art and Craft Street Art & Label Design takes you into the colorful scene of Berlin’s Street Art and gives you the opportunity to create a label for a freshly brewed beer. The Face of Beer introduces you to Stefan Schaufelberger, a young Swiss photographer who shoots portraits of brewers and develops them in one of the brewer’s own beers; There will be a poetry slam, a comedy show and so much more. Stone Brewing will transform into an outdoor cinema for its Stone Berlin Outdoor Movie Night and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to snap a selfie with Greg Koch, the world-renowned founder of Stone Brewing in California.

Indeed Berlin Beer Week is set to be a star-studded event where you could find yourself saying ‘Prost!‘ with the likes of Berlin’s Thorsten Schoppe and Philipp Brokamp, and international craft celebrities such as Manuele Colonna. And the nine-day celebration will go out with a bang as Berlin breweries come together in Berlin Craft Beer Fest, the official closing event of the festival where beer tastings, sapid snacks, and a proper closing ceremony will ensue.

Image Courtesy of The Berlin Craft Beer Festival
Image Courtesy of The Berlin Craft Beer Festival

Berlin Beer Week might only turn two this summer but nothing could celebrate Berlin’s craft beer scene more passionately than the brainchild of Tiffany Herrington, and her partners-in-craft, Stefan Krueger and Dirk Hoplitschek.

And this is only the ‘Beer Head’.

Visit Berlin Beer Week official website for all of the events’ details.