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Aerial view of Berlin skyline | © canadastock/Shutterstock
Aerial view of Berlin skyline | © canadastock/Shutterstock

The Best Bars In Neukolln, Berlin

Picture of Justyna Dolecińska /BERLINSKO
Updated: 9 February 2017
Forget about Kreuzberg and Mitte. Neukölln is now the hippest district in Berlin. Those who have only associated it with kebabs, tacky clothing shops and mobile phone service centers might now be surprised. This guide highlights the best spots for drinks in Neukölln.


The rooftop of Neukölln Arkaden has always been a party spot. After several years of illegal use, the place was transformed into a proper bar called Klunkerkranich, now offering one of the best views of the city. The concrete parking lot was covered with wood and plants, changing it into a real green oasis. At present, Klunkerkranich, meaning ‘wattled crane,’ hosts many events, flea markets and concerts.

Klunkerkranich, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, Berlin, Germany

Klunkerkranich | © Nikolaï POSNER/Shutterstock

Klunkerkranich | © Nikolaï POSNER/Shutterstock



When in Neukölln, you can’t miss Weserstraße. The street is especially busy over the weekends when a bevy of young creatives and locals gather to enjoy their free time. The venue is not at all fancy, has two minimalist rooms, some vintage furniture and relaxed ambience. Right in front of it, there’s a pricier but similarly nice bar, Tier.

Weserstraße 40, Berlin, Germany



The bar is run by three brothers, hence the name ‘Sameheads,’ and is located right after Passage Kino. It is actually an all-in-one bar, club, vintage store, and at times even a small cinema. The place has an eclectic interior, a laid-back vibe, and is great for pre-party drinks.


Alter Roter Lowe Rein

Old Red Lion Inn’ might sound pretty old-school, but the venue is actually really cool and cozy, especially looking in from the outside in winter. The interior is combination of dim lighting, candles, flowers, and bare walls. It’s an ideal spot for a relaxed evening out with friends.



Nathanja Und Heinrich

The biggest advantage of this place is that it’s not merely a cocktail bar. It’s also a hangout spot almost all day long, offering delicious coffee and tasty cakes. Its interior expresses the true meaning of the German word ‘gemütlich.’ Plus, its big windows have an airy and opening effect on the space.




In German, ‘Prachtwerk’ means masterpiece. This bar is masterful at combining coffee-making with art exhibitions, concerts, and open stage performances. They also offer a breakfast selection and cakes, which makes it the perfect spot for many occasions. It’s great to stop by after a swimming/sauna session in Stadtbad Neukölln.

Prachtwerk, Ganghoferstraße 2, Berlin, Germany



Kindl Stuben

Kindl Stuben still manages to attract locals, despite the hustle and bustle of the busy street it is located one. It has an outdoor and indoor part, with a typical Berlin interior and vibe. Apart from being a beer bar, Kindl Stuben offers a great menu for breakfast and dinner. The staff are friendly and welcoming.

Kindl Stuben, Sonnenallee 92, Berlin, Germany



Rotbart is a new location on the Neukölln bar map and a new spot in the most beautiful part of the district, Rixdorf. It features a large selection of beer, wine and liquor. The bar hosts concerts, poetry slams and jam sessions. Cozily designed, it’s perfect for an evening out with friends or family.

Rotbart, Böhmische Str. 43, Berlin, Germany

Wine Bottles © Pexels

Wine Bottles © Pexels