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© Rebecca Siegel / Flickr
© Rebecca Siegel / Flickr

Bringing A 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' To Berlin

Picture of Brienne Pierce
Updated: 23 June 2016
Similar to the trappings of a Christmas market, a tiny French village appears in the area of Reinickendorf for an entire month. No cultural flair will be spared, as this village will be equipped with fine French cheeses, baguettes, saucissons, and more. French music will tumble through the air, and visitors will feel transported into the very land this fair represents. And even though the French (and the Germans) love food, it won’t all be learning by mouth – there will be heaps of rides to set the pace for fun. Every Saturday, a display of fireworks will overtake the sky which can be enjoyed with or without sumptuous French Champagne.