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Molecule Man | ©  Wolfgang Staudt/WikiCommons
Molecule Man | © Wolfgang Staudt/WikiCommons
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Bike Mysteriously Stuck In Berlin’s Molecule Man

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 12 July 2017
Every city has pieces of iconic artwork that enrich the landscape and lend it some international notoriety. Of course, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Chicago has the Cloud Gate and Copenhagen has the Little Mermaid. Berlin, amongst other distinctive features, is home to the Molecule Man. It would appear that some of Berlin’s residents have their own ideas for decorating their towering neighbor.

Situated in the Spree between Treptower Park and the Oberbaumbrücke, the Molecule Man isn’t a far bike ride from many of Berlin’s most popular clubs and nightlife hubs including Renate, Chalet, and Club der Visionaere. This means that on any given day of the week partygoers can usually be spotted during the early hours of the morning in the vicinity of the Molecule Man on their way home from an all-night outing.

That’s why the mysterious sighting of a bike stuck in one of the holes on the Molecule Man on Tuesday morning shouldn’t be all that surprising at first glance, considering that this is Berlin after all. Yet, the predicament took a team of climbing experts well over an hour to remove the bike from the 30-meter aluminum statue. They ultimately had to take the silver spray-painted bike apart to get it down. Not to mention the rescue team had to travel in a small boat to reach him in the first place.

With all this in mind, the ordeal was likely the product of something more than a bout of late-night mischief. Authorities and residents alike are still unsure about how it got there. Many believe the bike was meant to be a piece of artistic expression in itself, as others like it have been found in various bizarre locations throughout the city.

We may never know for sure.