The Best Pub Crawls and Night Tours to Take in Munich

<a href="">A Munich train station | © motoyen/Flickr</a>
<a href="">A Munich train station | © motoyen/Flickr</a>

There’s so much to do and see in Munich that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to do in the evening, especially if you are travelling alone. The quickest way to make friends is to go on one of the many popular pub crawls in town. Alternatively, explore Munich’s beer culture at a more leisurely pace with a brewery tour or get the wits scared out of you as you explore haunted Munich. Whatever you choose, it will be a night to remember.

Hit the pub

Beer Tour With Beer Sommelier

Beer in Munich is serious business, with 20 different styles, 4,000 brands and the highest rate of beer consumption per capita in the world. This five-hour tour stops at the Hofbrauhaus, the Augustiner am Dom, the Schneider Brauhaus, and then moves on to the eastern area of Munich before ending at the Tap House.

Beer glasses | © Free-Photos/Pixabay

Pub Crawl Munich

The tour for those that like to have a great time, meet new people and drink a lot. This crawl includes admission to three bars and one club, three free drinks in the first bar, several free shots and a free t-shirt for €25. For a night out in a new city, it’s hard to beat.

Bartourz Pub Crawl

Every Friday night a motley crew of couch surfers, backpackers, regular tourist and even locals gather together for a legendary bar-hopping tour along the Tal, Munich’s nightlife ground zero. The tour guides choose four popular venues and make sure you get in without waiting, and then finishes the evening at a club. Complimentary shots at each bar help get the party started.

The Alps | © Shutterstock

Private Brewery Tour in the Alps

For a slower pace and a lot more nature, take a Bavarian beer tour in the village of Murnau, about 45 minutes outside of Munich. The six-hour tour includes a visit to the local brewery and a history lesson in Bavarian beer from the brewmeister himself. In addition to information, participants will get loads of samples, a pork, duck, or chicken dinner, and a brewery certificate.

Munich by night

Brauhaus and Olympic Tower Tour

First stop on this tour of Munich at night is the Hofbräuhaus beer hall to find out first hand what Bavarian Gemütlichkeit really is. Hint: it involves a lot of food and beer. After that it’s back on the bus for a drive through town seeing all the floodlight highlights and then 291 metres up the Olympic tower for a drink and a spectacular view.

Nightwatchman Tour

Find out what really lurks in the hidden corners of Munich at night. The costumed nightwatchman will guide you through the city centre by torchlight as he regales you with stories of the strange, weird and truly terrifying character that have called Munich home over the years. Meet at the Spielzeugmuseum in Marienplatz.

Do it yourself

Rick Steves’ Audio Tour

The European tour master has created a whole series of audio guides for cities all around Europe, giving detailed information about the most popular tourist spots. If you want to know exactly which buildings are worth photographing, then this is the tour for you.