The Best Pub Crawls and Night Tours to Take in Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf, Germany | © Thomas Brenac/Flickr
Dusseldorf, Germany | © Thomas Brenac/Flickr
Photo of Evelyn Smallwood
31 January 2018

Düsseldorf is on the other side of the river to its arch rival Cologne, so naturally the city has its very own beer and beer culture to go with it. Find out more about what Düsseldorf is really all about with a beer tour or pub crawl. Or maybe forget the beer and get the wits scared out of you as you discover haunted Düsseldorf.

Hit the pub

Altbier Safari

Altbier is to Düsseldorf what Kölsch is to Cologne, and the debate about which is better is a big part of the Cologne/Düsseldorf rivalry. Decide for yourself with a tour of five microbreweries in town that make Alt. Tickets can be bought for €27.50 at any tourist information point and are non-refundable. Meet at Schloßturm in Burgplatz.

Cold fresh Dusseldorfer old beer (Altbier) | © r.classen/Shutterstock

Düsseldorf Pub Crawl

If your night out looks like it may resemble a bachelor party, a birthday, or a work outing then the Düsseldorf Pub Crawl is probably the right choice. The tour runs every Saturday at 8:30PM and goes for around four hours. Seven shots at and between the bars are included in the tour cost.

Brauhaus Walking Tour

Not all the beer tours in Düsseldorf are all night ragers. This daytime walking tour explains the history of Altbier and the Düsseldorf version of Carnival while taking you to Üerige, Füchschen, Zum Schlüssel and Ïm Goldenen Kessel, all Düsseldorf institutions. For the strong of stomach, the local digestif Killepitsch awaits.

Hofbräuhaus | © Aurélien Coillet/Flickr

Old Town & Beer Tasting Tour

Even though it’s just 40 kilometres up the river from Cologne, Düsseldorf is in its own valley, which basically makes it another planet. This old town tour with a local guide takes you to four breweries in the Old Town and draws back the curtain on how Alt, Düsseldorf’s signature beer, is actually made.

Learn the secrets of the night

Nightwatchman Tour

Like most other cities in Germany, Düsseldorf has a very fine Nightwatchman tour that takes guests around the Altstadt under the cover of darkness, while the costumed guide scares them silly with stories about the Hübschlerinnen, the Schissefeger, and the hangman’s daughter with her blood-red hair. Also, there’s something called slot ear. The tour lasts 90 minutes and costs €18.

The Rhine Tower illuminated | © Nicooografie / Pixabay

Do it yourself

The centre of Düsseldorf is very small, so it’s very easy to do a tour of the town, even at night, with a tour app and your hand. Here are two we really enjoy.

Rick Steves’ Audio Tour

The European tour master has created a whole series of audio guides for cities all around Europe, giving detailed information about the most popular tourist spots.

iAudioGuide on Spotify

This is another excellent free resource on a platform-neutral service. Spotify will work on your mobile device or tablet if you pay the monthly fee for the service, or will work for free on your laptop. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth walking around the city with your laptop open to save €9.99. There are 30 stops on the tour.

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