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Courtesy of Galerie Kuckei + Kuckei
Courtesy of Galerie Kuckei + Kuckei
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Berlin's Must-See September Exhibitions

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 12 October 2016
With Berlin Art Week just around the corner, it’s a wonderful time to become immersed in Berlin’s gallery scene. Many of the city’s most reputable galleries are preparing special events and openings in the days leading up to the event as well. We’ve scoured this month’s extensive list of openings for the most interesting and exciting exhibitions on this month. Without further ado, here are September’s must-see exhibitions.
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‘How to Let Go’ (September 2 – October 2, 2016)

Opened on September 2nd, ‘How to Let Go’ is a solo exhibition by Winston Chmielinski, which features collage compositions of works once destroyed and remade through the tactile acts of cutting and sewing. Chmielinski takes his own original paintings along with other mediums, including video and photographs, to examine the nature of memory and the things we hold on to by reinventing the meanings and narratives found in his original works. An exhibition that is contemplative and even a bit mind-bending, you can find this show at the Magic Beans Gallery in Mitte.

Auguststraße 86, 10117 Berlin +49 302 576 6055

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‘Delving into visual strata’ (September 3 – October 8, 2016)

Opened since September 3rd, Lilly Lulay’s exhibition ‘Delving into visual strata’ is a photographic show that explores the way this medium is used as a two-dimensional manifestation of human perception. She is interested in the ways we take photos to capture glimpses of different realities ‘as a collection of fragmentary references’. Lulay takes existing photographs, which she herself has found, purchased, or received as donations for the project to create collages and montages that reorient and repurpose them to ultimately create new fantastical realities out of the mundane. Her work sheds light on the infinity of possibilities for perception through the human lens. Find this show at Kuckei + Kuckei in Mitte.

Linienstraße 158, 10115 Berlin, +03 088 343 54

Courtesy of Galerie Kuckei + Kuckei

‘Delving into visual strata’ (September 3 – October 8, 2016)’ Lilly Lulay, Liquid Portrait, fbarchive19012016, 2016; Courtesy Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin.

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Käthe-Kollwitz Prize 2016 (September 3 — October 3, 2016)

Catch this exclusive opportunity to enjoy selected works by renowned artist Edmund Kuppel in celebration of his Kathe-Kollwitz Prize. Chronicling his sculptures and photographic works from the late 1960s onward, the Akademie der Kunst will be presenting his pieces in both installation and video form to commemorate his pioneering work in linking two different art forms, sculpture and photography, through his groundbreaking artistic methods and techniques. ‘The film Les marches du heros absurd’ by photographer Ferdinand von Blumenfeld will also be premiered here.

Hanseatenweg 10 Berlin 10557 Germany, +03 020 057 1000

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Alte Sachlichkeit (Sep 5 – Oct 26, 2016)

Anna Ostoya’s exhibition ‘Alte Sachlichkeit’, which means ‘old objectivity’, examines our ideas of ‘utopia’ and the ways that attempts by humankind to achieve these ideals have often resulted in atrocity and disaster. She has compiled images of both elements in the form of collages and paintings. She uses the movement of new objectivity popular during the 1920s as inspiration for understanding the ways that people have used art to cope with the rise of political extremism in pursuit of a supposedly more perfect society. In doing so, she draws eerie parallels between this era and the present. Find this show at Silberkuppe near Kundamm.

Keithstraße 12, 10787 Berlin, +03 037 443 135

Courtesy of Silberkuppe

‘Alte Sachlichkeit’ (Sep 5 – Oct 26, 2016) ANNA OSTOYA Mud, 2016 Oil, acrylic, paper and gold leaf on canvas 24 x 20 in / 61 x 50.8 cm Unique | Courtesy the Artist and SILBERKUPPE, Berlin.

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‘To Lie in the Cheese, to Smile in the Butter’ (September 9 – November 15, 2016)

‘To Lie in the Cheese, to Smile in the Butter’ is a group exhibition curated by Maurin Dietrich and Kate Brown. Held at Kunstsaele Berlin, the show is intended to explore ‘psychic and spatial interiors as sites of production’, thus taking introspection to an entirely new level. The exhibition will be set up like a stage production, alluding to the notion of the inner self as the ultimate arena for expression, freest from social norms and ridicule. Multiple mediums will be used in this installation including written, visual, and other sensory elements.

Bülowstraße 90, 10783 Berlin, +03 081 801 868

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‘Particle Processed Cafeteria’ (September 9 — October 30, 2016)

‘Particle Processed Cafeteria’ is an exhibition of work by New York based artist Daniel Turner, and explores the ways that different materials interact. Common elements present in his work include things like steel and soot on a backdrop of white space. Often simple but evocative, his style is dramatic in ways that the viewer must contemplate to understand. Find this exhibition at the König Galerie beginning Friday, September 9th.

Alexandrinenstraße 118-121, 10969 Berlin, +03 026 103 080

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‘Game of Codes’ (September 9 – October 21, 2016)

Silia Ka Tung and Ma Li’s exhibition ‘Game of Codes’ will be on starting Friday, September 9th at Migrant Birds. The artists are from Hong Kong and China respectively, but are based in Europe. ‘Game of Codes’ is an exploration of the way that source coding in games is a metaphorical expression for artistic expression. While code might seem like one of the most rational mediums out there, these artists turn this notion on its head by using it in an artful way to engage both the magical and the surreal in their work simultaneously. The opening will feature a performance by Ma Li at 7pm.

Koppenplatz 5, 10115 Berlin

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‘between frames’ (September 14 – November 13, 2016)

As part of Berlin Art Week, the exhibition ‘between frames’ is presented by the the Haubrok Collection. It deals primarily with the medium of film. The exhibition invites viewers to peer deep into their unconscious psyches by engaging in free associations that play an important role in facilitating the stories presented on the screen. The gallery also offers an interesting discussion about the ways that mechanical devices can have a profound impact on the inner workings of the human mind, which would seem to be far from technical in function. In this way, the film projections function in between the frames. It is part of a series of similar works found at the gallery.

Herzbergstraße 40-43, 10365 Berlin

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‘Single’ (September 17 – October 31, 2016)

In ‘Single’, Yves Scherer’s second exhibition, he uses sculpture to explore the notion of being ‘single’ within our current cultural ethos. It is a highly personal show where Scherer has incorporated images and experiences from his own life, rather than drawing heavily from society’s celebrity culture as he has been known to do in previous works. The show examines the role of men in dating culture, the implications of the ‘selfie’, and the use of dating apps in conjunction with social media to find a partner. This is a must-see for anyone who enjoys commentary on modern dating culture. Find it at Galerie Guido W. Baudach in Kreuzberg.

Potsdamer Straße 85, 10785 Berlin

Courtesy of Galerie Guido W. Baudach

‘Single’ Courtesy Yves Scherer and Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin.