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Berlin 101: Traditional German Beer vs Craft Beer

Picture of Charlotte Peet
Commissioning Editor
Updated: 4 April 2017
It’s no secret that Germans love their beer. Whilst standard Pilsners and Weizenbiers may have long dominated the menus of the large scaled breweries scattered around the country – in Berlin, a new craft artisanal spirit is in town. But what exactly is the difference between the two varieties? We team up with local craft beer expert Cliff Kinchen and head to the Muted Horn bar in Berlin to find out more.

Craft vs traditional

Blazing a trail through the hipster parts of Berlin, craft beer is revered for its aromatic blend of spiced and earth-infused aromas – a more distinctive, flavoursome beer which is now battling for the title of ‘quality’ German beer. The favourite type amongst in-the-know German beer circles on the other hand is paler and adopts traditional brewing techniques and ingredients to create a lighter, sweeter and, arguably, purer alternative.

Bored of big brands, Berlin craft beer fans aren’t prepared to sacrifice flavour and character for the sake of purity. The competition is brewing – literally.