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The 10 Best Bars In Friedrichshain, Berlin
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The 10 Best Bars In Friedrichshain, Berlin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Friedrichshain is a district of Berlin with a thriving nightlife scene comprised of a diverse array of bars around Boxhagener Platz, affectionately known as ‘Boxi’. From French chic to heavy metal to counterculture, there is something for everyone here. These bars offer an array of excellent drinks at fair prices, unforgettable atmospheres, and the perfect music selections to match.
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A favorite of the locals, Soylent covers all your bar bases. Its style is void of pretensions, mainly consisting of graffiti, some vintage furnishings, and a psychedelic mural on its back wall that will leave you pondering. If you’ve had your fill of German pilsner beers, Soylent also offers a selection of pale ales and fresh, well made cocktails. The staff speaks English, and its patrons are mainly locals and regulars. This is a great place to come with friends.

Soylent, Gabriel-MaxStraße 3, Berlin, +49 030 29369463

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Kptn. A. Müller

Most commonly known as Kptn., this is one of the cheapest bars in the neighborhood. With its dive-like appearance come many perks. You can score a Berliner beer for only two euros, and foosball and WiFi are free. This place is popular among students and locals, making it a great place to meet other young people. On weekends you can expect this place to be crawling with people until the early morning hours.

Kptn. A. Muller, Simon-DachStraße 32, Berlin, +49 030 54732257

Primitiv Bar

Located on the quieter end of the same street as Kptn. is Primitiv Bar. This place captures the essence of the neighborhood’s local Russian population, and the sign itself is written in Russian. Its trendy interior is adorned with images of pin up girls reflecting the fact the Primitiv actually offers burlesque shows in their weekly Sunday Soirees. The bar’s interior is cozy and there is outside seating available on warmer nights. Primitiv offers an authentic experience of Friedrichshain’s nightlife hotbed on Simon-Dach Straße with its own unique sense of character and flare, fabulous cocktails, and elegantly dressed staff.

Primitiv Bar, Simon-Dach Straße28, Berlin

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Place Clichy

As you head away from Simon-Dach Straße you can stop at Place Clichy on your way to the clubs or to Warschauer Station. It is a French cafe and wine bar that offers the authentic atmosphere of a Parisian bar. Stop by for a few drinks before heading to the clubs or stay and unwind for a night soaking in some sultry Parisian vibes.

Place Clichy, Simon-DachStraße 22, Berlin, +49 030 2318703

Hops and Barley
Hops and Barley | © Scott/Flickr

Hops and Barley

If in the midst of all that Berlin has to offer, you find that you’ve actually been missing the pub feel of England or the joys of indulging in a hoppy craft brew, this is your haven. The beers are great, and the beer listing is selective. Additionally, they serve a selection of regional snacks, breads, and meats. You can also come here to watch some football on one of their sizable projector screens. Hops and Barley promises to enrich your beer experience by offering a varying and diverse selection of quality craft ales, stouts, and ciders at an affordable price.

Hops and Barley, Wühlischstraße 22/23, Berlin +49 030 29367534

Paule’s Metal Eck

Friedrichshain’s bar scene truly offers something for everyone. If you are into heavy metal, Paule’s Metal Eck is the place for you. It houses original decor including wall-mounted swords, dragons, and other demonic fantastical characters. Its patrons are leather clad and tattooed adding to the overall authenticity of the scene. You can hang out here until late and immerse yourself in the subculture. You can also play foosball, pool, or darts and try one of their wide selection of beers.

Paule’s Metal Eck, Krossener Straße 15, Berlin, +49 030 2911624

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Aspettando Filippo

Aspettando Filippo will lure you in with the punk and experimental music that emanates from its doors. It is intimate and cozy, a great place to go on a date or to hang out with friends. The drinks are fairly priced and yummy as well. Every weekend Aspettando shows films including cult classics from legendary writers and directors like the Coen brothers and Woody Allen. On other nights, it hosts DJs excellent sets, and sometimes even serves as a venue for live music. This, along with its retro furniture and décor, will bring out your inner hipster and let you in on a state of being that the Germans call Gemütlichkeit.

Aspettando Filippo, Wühlischstraße 37, Berlin, +49 030 74922217

Crack Bellmer Bar

Crack Bellmer serves as one of the more club-like options in Friedrichshain. Located near Warshauer Station, Crack Bellmer’s exterior is covered in intricate graffiti, turning this former train station into an experience only a notch below a full-on rave. Music is diverse, ranging from funk to house to disco all spun live by notoriously talented DJs. If you need some time to take a breather between all the dancing, you can always hang out in the lounge room or relax on the outdoor terrace. Open late every day and all night on weekends, there really is no excuse for missing this must-see bar and nightclub.

Crack Bellmer Bar, Revaler Straße 99, Berlin

Süß War Gestern
Süß War Gestern | © Tim/Flickr

Süß War Gestern

In the typical grungy Berliner fashion, Süß War Gestern (“sweet was yesterday”) provides a funky atmosphere. You can be sure to find a large crowd here, and you can rest assured that all in attendance are there to dance. Through the red and purple hues of its lighting cast from dozens of glass orbs hung from the ceiling and its aged, bare brick walls, Süß War Gestern offers a similar appeal to the ruin bars found in Budapest. Be sure to try the club’s signature drink, its namesake, a mix of ginger, ginger ale, and whiskey.

Süß War Gestern, Wülischtraße 43, Berlin, +49 0176 24412940

Minimal Bar

Affectionately known as “Mini,” Minimal Bar has incredibly intricate murals spread across multiple walls, making it look like a page out of an artist’s sketchbook. The bar is also filled with eclectic vintage furniture and a disco ball, giving it a retro ambiance. It’s a great place to get a dose of some quality electronic music spun by Berlin’s finest resident DJs. There is a spacious outdoor terrace and free ping-pong to boot. Oh, and did we mention that entrance is also free?

Minimal Bar, Rigaer Straße 31, Berlin, +49 0179 6112436