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Vera's live performance |  © Peter Kolski/courtesy of Vera Kochubey
Vera's live performance | © Peter Kolski/courtesy of Vera Kochubey
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Meet Vera Kochubey, the Berlin Artist Taking You to a Hyper-conscious Realm

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Updated: 6 March 2017

Artist Vera Kochubey is causing much excitement with her reality-bending paintings and healing performance art. Hailing from Russia, the artist seemed to appear out of nowhere in Berlin a few years ago. Still unknown at the time, she dabbled in a few artistic disciplines including fashion design before catching the attention of the art world with her lively, ritualized creations.

Kochubey’s performances are meditative live-painting sessions that give viewers a front row seat into her process, which seems to draw on a constant stream of hyper-conscious realms that most people can only briefly glimpse before disappearing again into mundane reality. The result is as much arresting as it is therapeutic.

Courtesy of Vera

Vera Kochubey | Courtesy of Vera Kochubey

Kochubey has always been interested in psychology and has a masters degree in psychoanalysis. From this framework, the artist has created a version of reality that borrows from both science and mysticism. Moreover, Kochubey wants her work to have therapeutic value, viewing the artistic path as a way of truth leading to enlightenment, humanism and universal love.

Perfectly chaotic | Courtesy of Vera Kochubey

Perfectly chaotic | Courtesy of the artist

The artist describes herself as a “perfectly imbalanced and chaotic person,” who has an eternal fire inside of her that cannot be calmed, or ever be satisfied. This is the life force of her work and creativity. Her creations come from her determination to constantly push her own limits and explore untouched possibilities and places where she has never ventured before. She may be described as crazy by those who know her, but for Kochubey, “art is a guarantee of sanity,” as epitomised in the words of French-American artist Louise Bourgeois.

'Not everybody is a star' | © Rolf Zscharnack/Courtesy of the artist

“Not everybody is a star” | © Rolf Zscharnack/Courtesy of Vera Kochubey

Last May, Kochubey opened her first solo show entitled New Kingdom, at the Art Scouts Galley in Berlin. She used a mix of strong symbolism, colorful brush strokes and visual messaging such as “Have you figured this life out yet?” and “Capitalism is witchcraft” to create a large-scale canvas of revolt.

Kochubey’s work is born out of a quest for meaning and the simple yet complex notion that she does not understand the world she lives in, something that has obviously resonated with her audience.