An Instagram Love Letter to Leipzig

Courtesy of @leipzig_city
Courtesy of @leipzig_city
Photo of Berlin Hub Team
11 January 2016

Leipzig local Jimmi Cantonà loves his city and he shares this with the world one image at a time under the Instagram name @leipzig_city. In this series, dreamy black and white pictures of deserted city centers are followed by panoramic shots of Leipzig, small beneath encroaching horizons. In his own words Jimmi describes what it is about the city that makes it the only one for him.

Courtesy of @leipzig_city

‘I’m 33 years old and was born in Leipzig. I love my hometown. There is so much life. I love the people and the culture. Here you can find so many beautiful corners and I try to photograph a lot of them and share this with the world. The last six years I had to travel a lot between Bremen and Leipzig every weekend. Leipzig was like a love I couldn’t see because I had to do my job and during my freetime I was on tour with my cool bandmates. So after six years of missing my hometown I’m back, and I’ve fallen in love for a second and third time. Now I hope I never leave. Thanks Leipzig.’

Downtown Leipzig at 4 am. Here you can see a part of Grimmaische Straße. It seems like silence and light are on a first date and I’m there to take the first photograph.
The sun sets on Arndtstraße. I love the light that colors the street and the sky. I’m there every day.
I took this picture on a platform by the Völkerschlachtdenkmal monument. From there you could see a burning fire on the horizon.
This is the view from Fockeberg, a small hill to the south of Leipzig. You can see downtown with its new town hall, the city hightower, and some churches.
This is the Peterskirche . It was was built in 1882 in Gothic style. I saw a concert there from the band Seether and it was awesome.
This picture shows part of Gottschedstraße. Here you can find many bars, pubs and theaters.
This is a view from the main station in winter 2014. For a long time I had to travel a lot between Leipzig and Bremen on the weekends, and over this time I saw many train stations and spent a lot of time on trains. This picture says Hi and Goodbye at the same time.
This is the view from the city hightower. At the top you can find a platform with a great view all over the city.
This is Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, one of four underground stations in Leipzig. All four stations are designed by different architects. This design is my favorite.
This picture shows a part of Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. I love this street because it is my hood. You can find bars and pubs, small markets, live music and friendly people. Here you see the beginning of construction work in 2014.
This is another view from the platform at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal monument. I love the clouds in this big mirror.

For more great images of Leipzig, check out the ever evolving Instagram feed of @leipzig_city

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