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An Insider's Perspective Of Berlin-Based Travel Blog, MyRiveGauche
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An Insider's Perspective Of Berlin-Based Travel Blog, MyRiveGauche

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 13 December 2015
MyRiveGauche is a travel blog created by Rebecca, a Berlin-based travel aficionado. She is dedicated to cultivating a ‘creative escape to daily life,’ by sharing her travel experiences through photography and the written word. We were able to get an insider’s perspective of what goes into this excellently curated blog.

TCT: Can you explain the meaning of your blog’s name and why you chose it?

I lived and worked in Paris for 4 years on the lefthand side of the river Seine. The area around Saint-Germain-des-Prés called ‘Rive Gauche.’ It’s been my source of inspiration, and the idea to write a travel blog started there. As an homage to that time and the savoir vivre that I discovered and loved, I named it ‘MyRiveGauche.’

TCT: What is the most unusual travel you’ve had?

In March I went on a road trip through Yucatan, Mexico. On the way to Izamal we stopped in an historical hacienda in the countryside. We arrived late at night and were the only guests. We literally felt in the middle of nowhere. The host told us that every day, a different couple checks in and only stays one night. This in mind, we didn’t get much sleep. The suspicious noise of the jungle and the wild cat in front of our door didn’t help either – what a nightmare! Next morning, we woke up in paradise and were flashed by the beauty of the tropical gardens – we didn’t want to leave the place.

TCT: What advice would you give to someone who was trying to start their own travel blog?

Technical obstacles should never prevent you from starting your own travel blog. You can easily get nice templates from WordPress or Tumblr and use them as your publishing platform. I created several social media channels to reach more readers and make people aware of my travel blog. It’s not always easy but I learned to be patient as building up a community takes time. Take it step by step.

TCT: What is your dream travel destination?

I’ve always been fascinated by Japan and its impressive cherry blossom season. The melt of tradition & modern trends in art, food and technology is unique. I’m planing to travel to Japan this coming spring, exploring Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Stay tuned.

TCT: Who has been the most interesting person you’ve met in your travels?

Every time I travel, I meet people with different perspectives that inspire me. I’ll never forget this woman that hosted us in her B&B in the middle of vineyards in Bordeaux, France. She made it clear that life is not about luck but about taking choices: ‘ce n’est pas une question de chance – c’est un choix.’

TCT: How would you describe MyRiveGauche in one sentence?

MyRiveGauche is a curated travel blog sharing tasteful places and personal impressions that can inspire you for your next trip and help you to find interesting spots.

TCT: French or Japanese cuisine? Brought up by a French mum, I just can’t resist France’s culinary scene.

TCT: Nikon or Canon? Canon has so far been a faithful companion.

TCT: Monet or van Gogh? I love Monet’s water lilies at Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris.

TCT: Great cinematography or great dialogue Cinematography, as it often expresses more than words.

TCT: Airbnb or hotel? Airbnb to get the local perspective.

TCT: Marcel Proust or Ernest Hemingway? Ernest Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast.

Interview by Lily Cichanowicz