A Guide to Müritz National Park, Germany

Lake Müritz in Röbel
Lake Müritz in Röbel | © Julian Nitzsche / WikiCommons
Photo of Anwesha Ray
12 March 2018

Müritz National Park in Germany is an enchanting land begging to be explored. Its wide biodiversity, made up mainly of extensive forests and water bodies, is a riot of blue and green. Whether you hike through it, bike along its trails, or explore it from the water, a holiday in the unspoilt beauty of Müritz National Park is sure to make you feel closer to nature.

The geography

Müritz National Park is located roughly midway between Berlin and Rostock, in the southern part of the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, sprawling over an area of 124 square miles (322 square kilometers). The closest towns are Waren and Neustrelitz, both of which have a wide range of options for overnight stays.

The landscape of Müritz National Park is as diverse as it is unique. It is made up of huge swathes of moorland, pine forests, beech groves, swamps, meadows, and heath. The national park boasts about 100 lakes, which have earned it the title “the Land of a Thousand Lakes.” There are also several streams, water holes, and ponds.

Two regions, Müritz and Serrahn, constitute the national park. The former, larger region stretches from the eastern shore of Lake Müritz to the town of Neustrelitz. The latter is located to the east of Neustrelitz.

Waren | © W. Bulach / WikiCommons

Information for visitors

To plan your trip around the national park and learn all about its fascinating biodiversity, head to Müritzeum in the town of Waren. It houses awesome science-based, interactive exhibitions tracing the flora and fauna of this region. The highlight of Müritzeum is the aquarium, home to some of the region’s native sea creatures.

Müritz National Park landscape | © Panurus / WikiCommons

What to do in Müritz National Park

Wherever you go in the national park, you are never far from water. The largest lake in the region, and perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Müritz National Park, is Lake Müritz. Boat cruises on this lake are a fantastic way of exploring the region. Some of the other lakes in the region include Kölpinsee, Mirower See, Feisnecksee, and Woblitzsee.

Kölpinsee, Jabelscher See, and Fleesensee | © Niklas Tschöpe / WikiCommons

The park is also a dream come true for hikers. The hiking trails meander through the diverse biotope of the park, throwing amazing surprises at travelers at every turn. There are also extensive biking trails, and you can make use of the bike trailers that will carry your bicycle to certain locations. The buses operating inside the park, as well as the larger pleasure boats, also allow bikes on board. The buses themselves are a great alternative means of transport for exploring the park. Bus and boat lines can be combined, too. The park also conducts tours led by expert, professional guides.

Lake Müritz in Röbel | © Julian Nitzsche / WikiCommons

Birds and animals

Müritz National Park’s amazing landscape makes it an ideal breeding ground for rare birds. As you explore the park, your chances of spotting white-tailed eagles, black storks, little stints, ospreys, and cranes are very high. The park is also home to great bittern, reed warbler, red deer, redshank, greenshank, blue moor frogs, teal, garganey, and many other species of birds and animals.

Osprey in Muritz National Park | © kasabubu / Pixabay

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