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Panorama view of Munich city center  | © Mapics/Shutterstock
Panorama view of Munich city center | © Mapics/Shutterstock
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The Best Restaurants In Old Town, Munich

Picture of Rachel Dickenson
Updated: 9 February 2017
Munich is generally stunning, but it is still hard to prepare for the beauty that awaits you in Old Town. Munich’s Old Town is a vibrant centre of culture both modern and historical, with extravagant beer halls, lively festivals and busy markets, and people from all walks of life. Here we explore the best local restaurants in Munich’s Old Town.
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Cafe Luitpold

An institution in Munich and one of the most traditional and elegant cafes you can find, Café Luitpold is home to some of the most sumptuous pastries in the whole of Munich, all lovingly prepared by chef Albert Ziegler. Part of the experience is selecting your pastry from a vast array at the counter, instead of simply choosing a name from a menu. A romantic date here would make a heart melt faster than a praline centre.

Address: Brienner Str. 11, München, Germany, +49 89 2428750

Sweet pastry, puff pastry with powdered sugar, with pine nuts, with jam made from Siam pumpkin, puff pastry with roasted apples and with baked apples | © karnavalfoto/Shutterstock

Sweet pastry, puff pastry with powdered sugar, with pine nuts, with jam made from Siam pumpkin, puff pastry with roasted apples and with baked apples | © karnavalfoto/Shutterstock

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Dallmayr Delicatessen

The greatest range of food and drink imaginable, Dallmayr Delicatessen has it all. Selections of everything from meat to confectionery adorn the walls in bursts of colour and explosions of aromas, while countless varieties of wine and coffee and tea line the shelves. The ever changing menu is bound to impress and inspire, and all food served is delicious and full of surprise. The meals are beautifully arranged and their every tiny detail is carefully planned.

Address: Dienerstraße 14 München, Germany, +49 89 2135100

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The oldest and most famous beer hall in the world and therefore impossible to miss, Hofbräuhaus is incredibly welcoming with beer is to die for, and is one place in Munich Old Town where you can be sure of a hearty meal full of German tradition. The hall itself is beautiful with incredible decorations on the walls, gold plated beer taps and authentic beer barrels behind the bar. The waitresses are all dressed in traditional dirndl outfits and the various live bands are a great contributor to the unbeatable atmosphere you can enjoy here. Combine this with the typically Bavarian portions of delicious food and you simply can’t go wrong.

Address: Platzl 9, München, Germany, +49 89 290136100

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Weisses Bräuhaus

This stunning building is a must for those who appreciate the German beer hall tradition, an integral part of the culture in Old Town Munich. While you might enjoy the pomp and the ceremony of others in and around the city, Weisses Bräuhaus is frequented far more by locals than by tourists and there is a notably different atmosphere. It is very relaxed and authentic while still remaining friendly. The waiters greet visitors at the door and happily serve up a huge stein of locally brewed beer. The regulars stay for hours on end sharing stories and enjoying lively conversation. The food, especially the pork dishes here are wonderful and the impressive variety of beer in certainly a plus.

Address: Tal 7, München, Germany, +49 89 2901380

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A wonderfully idyllic place to dine with fantastic food on offer, Ratskeller is a must visit while in Münich’s Old Town. As you descend down the grand stonestaircase into the restaurant, you would be right in thinking that Ratskeller looks more like an extravagant monastery than a restaurant. Its coved ceilings lined with mahogany, stain glass windows and the beautiful wooden chairs and tables make this a wonderful dining experience. Guests are treated to many Bavarian specialties as well as delicacies from further a field and carefully selected wine and dark beer.

Address: Marienplatz 8, München, Germany, +49 89 2199890

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An excellent alternative to delicious Bavarian food. Shoya is a small establishment with extremely friendly staff and fantastic food. The freshness in the fish and the passion in the cooking is evident in every bite. Everything here from the salads to the fried chicken is meticulously hand crafted and beautifully presented. The sushi menu is reasonably priced and many plates and combinations are possible. Apart from the sushi, ramen and noodles, the salads have become the talk of the town, especially the avocado salad. Sometimes this is just what a sight seer needs in Munich, a casual lunch with friends or light and crispy gyoza on the go.

Address: Orlandostraße 5, München, Germany, +49 89 292772

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Hidden away on one of the Old Town’s streets, Vinaiolo boasts the finest flavours from Italian cuisine. The staff are exceedingly attentive, recommending wine to compliment your meal choices and suit your personal tastes. There’s great variety in the menu, ranging from the tender tentacles of the octopus, to the rich tortellini with rabbit, to the humble pizza. With all the expertise and quality of a popular city restaurant, but with the quaint and unassuming charm of a local place, Vinaiolo has a beautiful atmosphere, which encourages guests to relax and be bold in their choice.

Address: Steinstraße 42, München, Germany, +49 89 48950356

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Master’s Home

When they say Master’s Home, that’s exactly what they mean. On entering, guests will wonder if they have stepped into a restaurant or a stately mansion, with wood panelled walls, brass furnishings and eclectic antiques and hunting paraphernalia. Depending on their size, groups find themselves ushered into different rooms. There is a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, all furnished accordingly, as well as a bigger dining room, which includes a very well stocked bar. Overall the décor is enticing but sometimes startling, as it’s not every day you find yourself drinking cocktails perched on the end of a stranger’s bath tub. The surprise nature continues with the food as a different, yet invariably delicious and diverse, set menu is served every night.

Address: Frauenstraße 11, München, Germany, +49 89 229909

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It’s not just the pleasant warmth and ambient music, or even the bold and somewhat otherworldly decoration of this incredible restaurant that creates such a memorable and unique atmosphere. Tantris has an undeniable buzz , maybe due to the distinctive and influential path it has managed to pave in the forty years it has been open. Over the years, two Michelin stars have been awarded to Tantris, which beckons food and wine experts from all over the globe. Over the four decades, only three chefs have run the kitchen, each of which has delivered extraordinary food and set a bar for all German and international food. The prices may be high but Tantris offers an experience unlike any other.

Address: Johann-Fichte-Straße 7, München, Germany, +49 89 3619590

Cabbage fried with bratwurst and tomato sauce| ©Irina Meliukh/Shutterstock

Cabbage fried with bratwurst and tomato sauce| ©Irina Meliukh/Shutterstock