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The 10 Best Bars In Friedrichshain, Berlin
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The 10 Best Bars In Friedrichshain, Berlin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The Friedrichshain district of Berlin, is an insane place filled with everything and anything from punk-rock dive bars to upside-down bars, bohemian retreats to rainbow karaoke scenes. Here are the top picks for a night out in the neighborhood.

Club de Visionaere

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Club der Visionaere
Club der Visionaere | © Nacho Pintos / Flickr

Club de Visionaere

Right on the distributary channel for flood water of the River Spree near Treptower Shore, Club de Visionare is a bohemian den that stretches across the waters on boats. Known worldwide for its minimal music and its wild parties as well as the after-hour gigs, the summer terrace is a completely alternative place where everything from graffiti to fairy lights to industrial lamps and wooden chairs can become an interior design piece.
Address & telephone: Club de Visionare, Am Flutgraben 1, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 69518942

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Madame Claude

Madame Claude is an experimental punk bar that is wild to say the least. The underground dungeon is a place of concerts, experimental sound festivals and new kinds of performance art. An interesting mélange of street furniture, much turned upside-down, adorns the interior, while great beers like Paulaner and Erdinger dot the bar.
Address & telephone: Madame Claude, Lübbener Str. 19, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 84110859

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Train Cocktail bar

This one’s name comes from the fact that the bar itself resides in a train and besides the Orient Express Berlin Special they serve their own cocktail creations. The Train Cocktail bar has a passion for travel but in their own way has remastered the idea of a commuter bar by re-purposing a commuter train wagon in this spectacular and unforgettable way. The entire interior has intact wooden tables and seats, red curtains and a wide red terrace to match the set.
Address & telephone: Train Cocktailbar, Hauptstraße 162, Berlin, Germany, +49 0177 3444123

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Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon

An abstract music hall, the Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon is a petite concert hall with a real penchant for red lighting. The interior is a combination of vivid wall paintings done in an abstract manner, wooden galleries and chairs with small tables. There is also a dance floor that bubbles until the early hours.
Address & telephone: Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon, Revaler Strasse 99, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 95592776

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Wenkers Am Markt

Famous for its laid back atmosphere, Wenkers Am Markt is a brewery where everyone in town looking for a great place to have a relaxed night visits the at least one time in the evening. Wenkers is the oldest brewery in Westphalia, known for its first produced beer back in 1430, with almost six centuries of beer tradition. Choose from the 5 percent alcohol Wenkers Urtrüb, or the special black beer made at Wenkers itself.
Address & telephone: Wenkers Brauhaus Am Markt, Betenstraße 1, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 527548

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Kptn A. Muller

An unpretentious local pub, the Kptn. A. Muller is without a doubt the kind of bar that is full of personality without even trying. The entire look of it is simply Berlin, with the trashy edginess you’d expect and some random paintings here and there. The booze goes from hard liquor to old time Augustiner, and rarely fails to impress.
Address & telephone: Kptn A. Muller, Simon-Dach-Straße 32, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 54732257

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Kaufbar is a 1950s to 1970s period bar, café and improvised on-the-spot flea market. The interior of the bar is simply charming with a candle-lit atmosphere and spectacular pieces of furniture that fit seamlessly in this hip corner of Berlin. Here, you can drink a tremendous Irish coffee and enjoy the house croissants and snacks.
Address & telephone: Kaufbar, Gärtnerstraße 4, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 23909470

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Sanatorium 23

This one is where chill nights happen and cubist exhibitions take place. Sanatorium 23 is an urban bar that accommodates the relaxed and witty on its red couches and sunbeds. It comprises a distinguishing, simple setting that is both catchy and comfortable, while the bar serves a variety of long drinks and local beer, as well as a spirituous collection of mixers.
Address & telephone: Sanatorium 23, Frankfurter Allee 23, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 42021193

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Zyankali Bar

Zyankali Bar is so dedicated to creative mixology that the entire place looks like it’s under siege from a bunch of crazy scientists that are trying to discover the perfect recipe for beer and other mystical drinks. Come and taste some of the area’s finest cocktails and get ready for a real flavor shock.

Address & telephone: Zyankali Bar, Gneisenaustraße 17, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 68830170

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Booze Bar

Winner of the Bar Team award by Hyatt, this Berlin based cocktail and hard liquor bar is one serious place for drinkers. No shisha, no happy hours and no fooling around, The Booze Bar is a modern setting of simple yet catchy design with an encyclopaedia of whiskeys, gins, ouzo and countless cocktails at hand. Located directly on Boxhagener Strasse in Friedrichshain, this one is right in the heart of the neighborhood.
Address & telephone: Booze Bar, Boxhagener Str. 105, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 95591145