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Dimitri Panagiotopoulos Collection | © Mina Minamia/YouTube
Dimitri Panagiotopoulos Collection | © Mina Minamia/YouTube
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8 Things We Learned From Berlin’s Fashion Week

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 13 January 2017
Sponsored by Mercedes Benz since 2007, Berlin just finished its biannual fashion week. More than 200,000 people attended the event, a testament to the fact that Berlin is a rapidly growing hub for fashion. Here are some pointers to take away from this summer’s event. Also, stay tuned because Zalando announced that it will be hosting the cult fair Bread + Butter this September, 2016.

What You Should Wear…Next Summer

Before we dive into the good stuff, it’s wise to keep in mind that the trends witnessed at this summer’s fashion week are expected to coincide with next summer’s top styles along with some looks for spring 2017. Still, we found that many different designs are totally translatable into daily wardrobes, with many trends focusing on casualness, deriving elegance from simplicity. So, without further ado, let’s explore the most exciting up and coming trends!

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Hi-Tech Styles

One of the most striking innovations found on the runway this season was the tech-infused creations of famed designers like Anja Gockel. Often referred to as ‘Smart Fashion,’ these styles are likely to be the way of fashion’s future, so it’s worth taking note. Some examples include pulsating jewelry, gadgets that facilitate hairdos that defy gravity, and athletic wear with adjustable heat insulation. As with everywhere else, technology opens a whole new world of possibilities in the fashion world. Truly, these astonishing creations are the space-age styles of our wildest imaginings.

Stripes for Summer

For summer 2017, stripes are all the rage. They served as a prevalent aesthetic force right from the start as Erik Frenken opened the week with his new collection for Avelon. Minimalist fashion designer Hien Le also included stripes in his collection. Specifically, your wardrobe would benefit from the addition of a flowing blue and white striped style such as a shirt-dress or button-down this coming year. For the more adventurous fashionistas, combining vertical and horizontal stripes is now a viable option as well.

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Baby Blues and Nautical Themes

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good nautical look during the summer months? Nothing accompanies a holiday spent at the sea or a day trip to the lake like some baby blue and white fashion details! Even if summer is filled with work engagements or spent at the office, incorporating some navy and nautical patterns will help capture the seaside spirit, which perhaps is why designers were so inclined to include these classic styles in their collections this year. Celebrated designers like Dorothee Schumacher, Lena Hoschek, Perret Schaad, and Hien Lee all featured various nautical and navy inspirations in their work.

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Tassels, Baby!

Tassels also appeared throughout fashion week in equal measure. Michael Sontag Atelier, in particular, incorporated tassels into many different designs, from white tassels with simple white linens to black leather tassels used to add length to a sparkly, form-fitting dress. This trend was also reflected in the style choices of many fashion week attendees. Pompom tassels, for example, were used as a softer and more feminine embellishment on a strapless top. Tassels were even added to Dorothee Schumacher’s Apple watch as a fashion statement.

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Checking Back in with Vladimir Karaleev

Naturally, Berlin Fashion Week featured the works of many German and Berlin-based designers, including Vladimir Karaleev who we had the privilege of sitting down with for an interview last fall. His collection consists of casual women’s wear design in his trademark loosely fitting style with a focus on small details like frayed hemlines. While most of his collection is rooted in neutral black and white tones, there were also a few standout pieces like a pastel pink and purple Madras fabric jacket. Among many other Berlin-based designers that participated in fashion week, Hien Le and Michael Sontag also stood out.

Casual Chic Isn’t Going Anywhere

Being that this is fashion week in Berlin, a solid general takeaway from the various styles and trends displayed over the last four days is that casual chic styles are not going anywhere, at least not until after summer 2017. Across the board, designs featured breezy, loose fitting garments made with light fabrics to allot for versatility and functionality. Many looks were unisex, and neutrals reigned supreme overall. One twist on the typical casual chic that Berlin is used to, however, is that it’s okay to explore mixing pops of bold color, with a particular distinction given to mustard yellow, red, and tropical patterns.

The Best Street Style for the Busy Berliner

Of course, the display of styles and trends extends far beyond the runway as fashion connoisseurs and experts strut their stuff at parties, runway shows, interviews, and other events. This is good news for us because it shows how we can draw inspiration from the more daring fashion creations in our own wardrobes. Fashion in Berlin is all about wearable street styles with an emphasis on effortlessness. Some trends noted from the streets surrounding Berlin fashion week include platform sneakers, tropical prints, strapless tops, cargo-inspired outfits, athletic-chic styles, and always plenty of black.