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25 Photos That Prove the Harz Mountains Are the Most Magical Place in Winter

25 Photos That Prove the Harz Mountains Are the Most Magical Place in Winter

Picture of Anwesha Ray
Updated: 30 September 2017

The rugged terrains of the Harz Mountains, Germany, are gorgeous any time of the year. But it is in winter that the mountains transform into a magical winter wonderland. Wrapped in a thick blanket of snow, it beckons travelers and adventure-seekers to explore its breathtaking landscape. Here are 25 photos that would make you want to throw your winter jacket and boots in a backpack and head to the Harz Mountains right away.

Coniferous trees covered in snow

Sunset over the Harz Mountains

Brocken Sendeturm (broadcast tower)

Harz National Park

A typical steep-roofed house in a Harz village

Gipfelplateau in Harz Mountains

Wurmbergseilbahn (Gondola) in Braunlage

Sonnenberg Ski Resort

Snowboarding in Braunlage

Frozen creek in Schulenberg im Oberharz

Hiking trail at Steinerne Renne Valley, Wernigerode

Hiking in the snow in Wernigerode

Snow-covered bridge in Schulenberg

Sunrise in Wernigerode

River Oker in foggy Oberharz

Brocken, the highest peak in Harz

Wernigerode train tracks

Green spruce sunk in snowbank

Church in Duderstadt, a quaint town in Harz

Sunset over Söse reservoir

Snowman in the mountains

Icy road in Altenbrak, a tiny Harz village

Ski marathon for seniors in Sonnenberg

Snow-covered branch against a contrasting blue sky

Watersteps in the Söse Dam