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<a href=""> Moltke Bridge, Berlin | © Tilgnerpictures/Pixabay</a>
<a href=""> Moltke Bridge, Berlin | © Tilgnerpictures/Pixabay</a>
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15 Epic Places in Berlin Even Locals Don’t Know About

Picture of Alice Dundon
Updated: 6 June 2018
Berlin is a city brimming with history, culture and diversity. Hidden treasures, abandoned spaces, historical throwbacks and stunning urban spaces dot the city’s 12 districts and even the locals are endlessly exploring the city’s sights. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 epic places that even your German neighbour won’t know.
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This mountain in West Berlin looms almost 100 metres (328 feet) over the Grunewald forest. Somewhat in the shadow of its more well-known neighbour Teufelsberg, Drachenberg (‘Dragon Mountain’) still attracts fans to its treeless, oddly-shaped plateau and is a great place to fly a kite or spot a few wild bores and foxes.

Drachenberg, Teufelsseechaussee 2, Berlin, Germany

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Rummelsburg Memorial

Though difficult to make out if you don’t know what you are looking for, the Rummelsburg Memorial is worth seeking out. Once the largest workhouse in Germany and a former East Berlin men’s prison, it is now a historical site that profiles the stories of 21 prisoners and can be reached with an idle walk along the banks of the Rummelsburger Bucht.

Rummelsburg Memorial, Hauptstraße 8, Berlin, Germany

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The ‘Communist Chic’ hostel

The budget accommodation Ostel Hostel promises to cater to all your nostalgia needs with its eerie recreation of Communist Berlin. The youth hostel offers visitors an insight into life before the Berlin Wall fell. Expect Communist kitsch, including corduroy sofas, toy versions of the popular East Germany cartoon character ‘the Sandman’ and historic photographs hanging in the rooms, all within a concrete apartment block typical of what was once East Berlin.

Ostel Hostel, Wriezener Karree 5, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 25768660

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