13 Berlin Cultural Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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Updated: 7 January 2018
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Berlin is an ever-evolving city that’s full of surprises. A multicultural landscape, Germany’s capital has lived through an embattled past and transformed into an epicentre of culture and cool. While there are certain things that are dubbed quintessentially Berlin, the city’s culture is as diverse and unique as its citizens. Here are 13 Berlin cultural facts you probably didn’t know.

Born and bred Berliners are a rare bunch

Berlin is home to roughly 621,075 registered foreign residents, originating from approximately 190 different countries. In this diverse and multi-national city, only 1 out of 4 people living in Berlin actually grew up there.

More bridges than Venice

Venice might be known for its romantic canals but Berlin beats the city in terms of bridges. With around 1,700 of them, it is also said that Berlin has more waterways than Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice combined.

Oberbaumbrücke in Kreuzberg

Berlin has enough club-goers to fill a small town

Around 40,000 to 50,000 party in Berlin’s famous clubs every weekend. It’s easy to see why the city has a reputation for hedonism and unrivalled culture, with locals and tourists flocking to its clubs for all-night, techno-driven parties.

Techno rave in Berlin nightclub

Kebabs and currywurst are the meal of choice

In Berlin, around 950 döner kebabs are eaten every day, which is roughly 60 tons of meat each year. Similarly, each year, around 70 million currywurst are produced, making them some of the most popular cheap eats in the city.

Kebabs are a favourite fast food in Berlin

Berlin’s Beer Mile is the longest beer garden in the world

Berlin’s International Beer Festival is home to the world’s longest beer garden. With 344 breweries from 87 countries, presenting 2,400 brands of beer, the 2.2-kilometre stretch runs from Strausberger Platz to Frankfurter Tor. Vistors can enjoy culinary delights, a huge selection of beers and local and international acts performing on over 19 stages.

Berlin’s Beer Mile

Kreuzberg is home to Germany’s first vegan sex shop

Berlin’s neighbourhood of Kreuzberg is known for its cheap eats, amazing cocktail bars and edgy vibe. It also houses Germany’s first and only vegan, feminist sex shop, Other Nature. Offering a range of ethically made, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, this naughty store is an alternative sex shop in the heart of Berlin’s über-cool neighbourhood.

Over 1,000 places for a late night beer

If you’re craving a nightcap but don’t want to head out to a noisy and smoky bar, then Berlin has you covered. There are over 1,000 late night stores, known as Spätis, throughout the city.

It’s a Lonely Hearts Club

One in every two Berliners are single, or at least they aren’t married according to a recent study. For a city shrouded with an alternative ethos and lifestyles, it seems a lot of Berliners aren’t fans of settling down into quiet, married life.

Berlin takes fare-dodging seriously

There are no barriers to jump on the train in Berlin, instead the city, and most of Germany operates on an honesty policy. The result, unsurprisingly, is around one-third of people riding the train are fair-dodgers. However, the German capital takes this quite seriously, and it employs staff to randomly check trains. More often than not, this will result in a rather embarrassing exit from the train and a hefty fine, however, serial offenders can also face jail-time.

Berlin U-Bahn

Leading the way in opera houses

Berlin is home to three stunning opera houses, which can house over 4,400 visitors. No other city comes close to these world-class concert halls. The city is also home to over 150 theatres and halls for music and art events, dotted all around the city.

Neo-classical Concert Hall in Berlin

It’s home to the tallest structure in Germany

Berlin’s iconic TV Tower in Alexanderplatz is the tallest structure in Germany at 368 meters high. The unique tower is a popular sight and tourist attraction in the city, with stunning city views and a revolving restaurant in its sphere.

Berlin TV Tower during the Festival of Lights

It’s one of Germany’s greenest cities

Berlin is considered as Germany’s greenest city with over 44% of the city is made up of waterways, woods, rivers and lush green spaces. These are best enjoyed in the warmer months when it’s common to find locals and visitors lounging with beer and music in the city’s many parks and lakes.

Two people Sitting on a Bench in a Park

Home to three UNESCO sites

Berlin and its surrounding areas are home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Museum Island, Sanssouci Palace and park in Potsdam and the less well-known, Modernism Housing Estates.

Bodu Museum at Museum Island
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