12 Reasons Why November is the Best Month to Visit Munich

Nymphenburg palace in Winter |  © designerpoint / Pixabay
Nymphenburg palace in Winter | © designerpoint / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
30 October 2017

While Munich is a fabulous city to visit when it is basking in summer sun, there are several advantages to heading there in November. By then, the crowds thin out, so flights and hotels are usually cheaper. Most attractions in Munich, including the museums, remain open throughout the year, so you get to enjoy them without the need to jostle with crowds. Additionally, November (and the winter that follows) in Munich promises several special attractions that make a trip totally worthwhile.

Christmas markets

Munich has some of the most traditional Christmas markets in all of Germany. Seven charming Christmas markets pop up around the city at the end of November, and for the next month they entice visitors with the heady aroma of gingerbread, crepes, roasted chestnuts, and Glühwein. Be a sport and try the Feuerzangenbowle – Glühwein added with a generous portion of rum and set on fire!

Feuerzangenbowle | © Markus Andernach / Flickr

Tollwood Winter Festival

As the temperature drops steadily, Munich heats up with the Tollwood Winter Festival. This massive festival goes on for a whole month (starting at the end of November) and sweeps visitors off in a whirlwind of music and dance, circus shows, live performances, and cabaret. Rows upon rows of stalls sell yummy food and other delightful things, and drinks flow freely.

Tollwood Festival | © TrueTollwood / Wikimedia Commons

Circus Krone

Munich is home to the biggest and circus in Europe, and it springs into spine-tingling action in November. The Circus Krone tent, in its high-end tent equipped with cutting-edge acoustics and light systems, entertain hundreds of thousands of visitors with jaw-dropping acrobatics and animal shows. Nothing beats Circus Krone in popularity when it comes to family outings in Munich in winter.

Circus Krone | © Usien / Wikimdia Commons

Circus Roncalli

If you are still craving thrilling circus shows, head to Circus Roncalli. For a month in October-November, this hugely popular touring circus set up their tent in Am Leonrodplatz, Munich. Circus Roncalli puts on a glamorous, captivating show with acrobatics, clowns, and pulsating music. It also offers a dinner show, making it a complete night out.

Circus Roncalli | © Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar / Wikimedia Commons

Ice skating

If you love ice skating or wish to give it a try, Munich in November is just perfect for you. Ice skating fun usually starts in November at Stachus (Karlsplatz), Prinzregentenstadion, and the Münchner Eiszauber open-air rink. Eis- und Funsportzentrum West and Eissportzentrum Ost are right for you if you want quieter rinks. Olympic Eissportzentrum is also a great spot to hit the rink.

Ice skating in Munich | © Stephan Mosel / Flickr


Munich’s Luitpoldpark and Westpark turn into toboggan (sledding) paradises as soon as there is enough snow on the ground, which is often the case by the end of November. Sledding in these parks promises exhilarating fun for the entire family.

Sledding in Luitpold | © digital cat / Flickr


November is a great time to indulge in the special Bavarian ice-stock sport, curling. If you have never tried it before, this is your chance. You will love it! This is a team game that involves strategy, skill, concentration, and great aim. To play or watch others playing, head to the courtyard of Nymphenburg Palace, Olympiapark, or Bayernpark.


Manger Exhibition

There is no better way of gearing up for Christmas than attending the special manger exhibition at one of the most amazing museums in Munich, the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. The museum boasts the world’s largest and best collection of crèches (Christmas nativity scenes), along with European art, spread out over six floors. The seasonal manger exhibition adds a dollop of icing on the cake.

National Museum, Munich | © Mylini / Pixabay

Jewish Culture Days

November is a perfect opportunity to get to know the nuances of another culture. Jewish Culture Days celebrations go on for about ten days in November, during which time the Jewish Associations in the city organize an eclectic program of concerts, plays, book readings, and a lot more.

Winter sports trips

Munich is a great base from which to explore some of the most incredible skiing destinations in Germany. Winter sports season in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (an hour’s drive from Munich) kicks off in October, and offers endless winter sports opportunities. The most notable winter sports resort in this region is Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak and only glacier.

Zugspitze ski slopes | © RoAll / Pixabay

Snow-covered Neuschwanstein Castle

If Neuschwanstein Castle, a short distance from Munich, looks straight out of fairy tales in summer, it achieves a surreal level of beauty when covered in snow, which is often the case in late November. Remember, though, that in case of very heavy snow, the Marienbrucke (which offers that perfect view of the castle) is inaccessible, but the palace itself can be visited all through the year.

Neuschwanstein Castle in winter | © aesuk80asc / Pixabay

Outdoor heated pool

Munich’s saunas and pools are magnets for tourists all through the year, but there is something especially heavenly about dipping into a luxuriously heated outdoor pool when there is snow on the ground. For such an amazing experience, head to Dante-Winter-Warmfreibad.

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