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View of Berlin, Germany | © linerpics/Shutterstock
View of Berlin, Germany | © linerpics/Shutterstock
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11 Reasons Why a Trip to Berlin Will Make You Instantly Cooler

Picture of Alice Dundon
Updated: 28 November 2017
Berlin is a vibrant underground city, with an effortlessly cool attitude and open atmosphere. A trip to the German capital will immerse its visitors in culture, history and an array of multifaceted musical, culinary, artistic and clubbing scenes. The city exudes an edgy urban vibe, and here’s why a trip to Berlin will make you instantly cooler.

The clubs will give you bragging rights

It’s no secret that Berlin has one of the best club scenes in the world. With infamous techno clubs and a hedonistic culture, you’ll have party bragging rights, whether you make it into Berghain or not.

Crowd at Berlin Nightclub | © Martin Fisch/Flickr

You can go to the supermarket in your pyjamas, and no one will bat an eyelid

While it’s true that Berliner’s love black clothing, they also have a nonchalant approach to everyday style. It’s rare to see anyone toting the latest designer trends, and in the city where you can express yourself freely, this plays out in their fashion scene, too.

You’ll have a better record collection

Berlin is a music lover’s dream destination. From techno to punk and everything in between, the city has amazing live music for visitors to sink their teeth into. From exploring the local music scene to flipping through the city’s many record stores, you’ll leave with an enviable music selection.

Cool record store | © Montecruz Foto/Flickr

You’ll make friends from all over the world

Berlin is a truly international city, filled with expats, tourists and a few true Berliners. This rich diversity in culture means you don’t have to wander far to meet someone with a unique worldview.

You’ll probably stumble into a sex party

Berlin has a thriving and inclusive party scene, often with a rather kinky side. It’s not uncommon to wander into one of the city’s clubs, like KitKat, and find yourself surrounded by naked partygoers having the time of their life. The only rules are to check your clothes and any prejudices at the door.

Sex Party Attire | © torbakhopper/Flickr

You’ll meet cool and inspiring people

Berlin is a city of creatives, innovators and artists. Filled with cool young people from all walks of life, it’s easy to find some who will inspire you to flex your creative muscle and be yourself.

You can hang out at Bowie’s old stomping ground

For David Bowie fans, it’s no secret that Berlin played an important role in shaping the icon’s career and saving his personal life. The star’s old apartment in Schöneberg and his favourite West Berlin haunts, Paris Bar and Neues Ufer, can still be seen today. However, none has kept the essence of this time better than the infamous Kreuzberg club, SO36, where you can experience Berlin through the icon’s eyes.

SO36 exterior
SO36 exterior | Courtesy of SO36

You’ll return with amazing vintage threads

Berlin is filled with amazing thrift stores and flea markets. Dotted across the city, some markets even offer 1€ per 1-kilogram price deals, ensuring that you leave the city with a fresh wardrobe of recycled threads.

You can say you’ve explored abandoned spy stations

Berlin is filled with hauntingly beautiful abandoned spaces to sate the history buff and urban explore in everyone. The abandoned NSA spy station just outside of Berlin, Teufelsberg, offers stunning city views, a spooky look into Berlin’s past, and it’s one of the easier abandoned sights to visit when in the city.

Teufelsberg towers | © Matt Biddulph / Flickr
Teufelsberg towers | © Matt Biddulph / Flickr

If you dare, you can serenade thousands at karaoke

Every Sunday in Berlin, thousands of people flock to the Mauerpark flea market to search for cheap threads, hidden treasures and to delight in the city’s unique karaoke session. Bearpit Karaoke invites locals and tourists alike to serenade huge crowds in the park’s amphitheatre. If you dare to take the plunge, you’ll be a part of one of Berlin’s most beloved informal traditions.

Mauerpark Bearpit Karaoke | © sfreimark / Flickr

You can taste all the flavours of the world

Berlin is a melting pot of cultures, and this has played out in its diverse and worldly food scene. Exploring its cheap eats, street food markets and culinary delights will let you taste the flavours of the world and amazing fusion-style spots, turning you into a cultural foodie.