10 Things To Do & See In Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Bear Pit Karaoke | © Tim Lucas/Flickr
Bear Pit Karaoke | © Tim Lucas/Flickr
Photo of Brienne Pierce
9 February 2017

Prenzlauer Berg is distinct area in Berlin – historically a playground for many sides of the social spectrum. In a post-wall world, it acted as a hot spot for 90s bohemian youth and today, as it slowly but surely becomes more gentrified, you’ll find young professionals sipping coffee in hipster cafés. Read Culture Trip’s guide of what not to miss in this charming area.

Courtesy of Saint George’s Bookshop

Saint George’s Bookshop

This charming and jam-packed bookstore is the brainchild of twin brothers from England, and their encyclopedic knowledge of the stock is not only helpful but impressive. This tiny enclave of extensive literature is covered floor to ceiling in various masterpieces at reasonable prices. It stocks mostly used books which accounts for the affordable prices. The layout and literary selection will make you feel like you are unearthing a gem when pulling out a book from this cozy bookstore. Saint George’s bookshop is an excellent reprieve from a day of strolling in the stunning Prenzlauer Berg, where it’s easy to find written gems and daytime solace.

Saint George’s Bookshop, Wörther Str. 27, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 81798333

Ökomarkt at Kollwitzplatz

A neighborhood tour is never complete without some open market shopping. Ökomarkt is an organic market that’s been held every Thursday since 1996 at Kollwitzplatz. The arresting beauty of the sweeping boulevards are the consummate platform for the weekly stalls of bio paradise. The market offers ready-to-eat options like brick-oven pizza and toothsome vegetarian cuisine, alongside fresh produce to take home – almost anything can be found at this fetching bazaar.

Kollwitzplatz, Kollwitzstraße, Berlin, Germany

Misses & Marbles

A symbiosis of all things delightfully quaint, Misses & Marbles does as much justice to baked goods as it does to home goods. With its delicate play of delectable, homemade cakes to the stunningly crafted items for the house, this enchanting shop applies its fastidiousness on all fronts. Their carefully selected treasures mirror their attention to detail as well as their fascination with enhancing the visual quality of the home.

Misses & Marbles, Raumerstraße 36, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 49786282

Bonanza Coffee

There’s fierce competition in the third-wave coffee movement in Berlin, and Bonanza has been triumphant in this unspoken race of latte art and properly roasted beans. Easily one of the most well-known coffee shops in Berlin, its fame is well deserved. Its rotating bean selection ensures freshness and variety, and Bonanza’s passionate and intelligent staff are eager to serve and inform its clientele about the best blends. A must-visit for true coffee enthusiasts who want to enjoy meticulously crafted beverages on a trendy Strasse in Prenzlauer berg.

Bonanza Coffee, Oderberger Str. 35, Berlin, Germany, +49 171 5630795

Mauer Park

Market, Memorial, Park
Map View
Spring afternoon at Mauerpark in East Berlin
While it’s a popular green space today, Mauerpark is brimming with history | © Eldad Carin / Alamy Stock Photo
Mauer Park is not the typical park. Sure, it’s a hot spot for BBQing, lounging, and various makeshift games of catch, but that’s only the beginning. Mauer Park is a mecca for intriguing people-watching, to satiate those voyeuristic propensities. On a visual level, this patch of verdant landscape is arresting; on a cultural level, it is a melting pot. Ample food stands, unique Sunday flea markets, an open graffiti wall, and the occasional Karaoke characterize this epic space. A bonafide Berliner will spend their Sunday enjoying the infinitely dynamism this beloved park has to offer.

Prater Garten

This spacious and picnic table-lined beer garden is allegedly the oldest beer garden in Berlin, with roots that date back to 1837. When it’s too cold to enjoy the luscious exterior of this suds heavy garden, there’s an indoor restaurant to combat the cold. This place really blooms in the warmer months. With delicate lights slung across the surrounding trees and infectious laughter punctuating the air – maybe it’s the atmosphere or maybe it’s the massive glasses of Hefeweissen – the allure and merriment of this place are palpable. It’s a self-service system, so decisions can be made when walking to the counter. There’s also toothsome German food like doughy pretzels and piping-hot wurst to accompany the sometimes lonely pint.

Prater Garten, Kastanienallee 7-9, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 4485688

Imbiss 204

This bistro, fast-food hybrid is the perfect entrance into German dishes. From the outside, the place doesn’t boast a lot of allure, but that’s because all of the attention goes into the food. Hearty portions of schnitzels and käsespätzles at affordable prices are available. Rumor is that these fellas used to be top chefs and wanted to take a more relaxed approach to dining. This place pairs high caliber German cuisine with an unpretentiousness environment.

Imbiss 204, Prenzlauer Allee 204, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 24038543

No Fire No Glory

Cafe, Contemporary, $$$
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Another coffee wunderkind of the capital is this stylish and friendly caffeine haven. It’s great to go into a roastery that roasts their own beans, but it might be even better to go into a café that uses the best roasteries in town, on a rotating menu. Various machinery for the clientele’s preferences coupled with the bean selection ensures for serious personalization and craft. Those with a sweet tooth will be remarkably satisfied by their allotment of sugary treats.


What once was a brewery has now been upcycled into a building complex for cultural events, bars, cafés, markets, a theatre and just about anything an urban nomad could desire. Kulturbrauerei is a whole lot of building and a whole lot of fun. Each corner is a pocket of leisure waiting to be enjoyed. The architecture harkens back to industrial times in Berlin, giving it a rustic and charming vibe. With a rotating calendar chockfull of events, in addition to its more permanent enriching phenomenon, Kulturbrauerei hits the target on just about every front.

Kulturbrauerei , Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin, Germany


If the bear wasn’t already the symbol for Berlin, currywurst might be runner up to represent this bustling meat-happy capital. Currywurst is ubiquitous amongst the Strassen, but not all currywurst is created equal. That’s where Konnopke comes in handy. Nestled underneath an S-Bahn station, with the energetic metro buzzing overhead, Konnopke humbly and eagerly is preparing some of the best currywurst in the city. It’s renowned for good reason. Konnopke creates high standards with its perfectly seasoned currywurst, smothered in sauce while being served piping hot. A tiny food stand with massive bragging rights, this family-owned establishment has been executing their own recipe for over 80 years. With age comes wisdom and apparently, absolutely delectable currywurst.

Konnopke, Schönhauser Allee 44 b, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 4427765

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