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© Lily Cichanowicz
© Lily Cichanowicz
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10 Of The Best Interior Design Shops In Berlin

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Updated: 2 April 2017
As a major hub for artists, fashion designers, architects, and creatives of all kinds, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Berlin is home to an extensive network of interior design shops, showrooms, and boutiques. After scouring the city, we think you’ll agree that these ten are the best of the best.
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With three locations around the city, Schwesterherz, which means ‘Sister Heart,’ is the go-to spot for the latest Scandinavian design decorations, stationery, and other goodies. The selections change with the seasons, offering visitors the chance to update their interior styles with each new release of items by designers like HAY and others. From deliciously scented candles and wall hangings to vases, ceramics, and even jewelry, Schwesterherz has something for every budget that will make the home feel that much cozier and simultaneously more sophisticated. This store is also a great spot to pick up a gift for a friend or loved one as they wrap each item beautifully.

Schwesterherz, Gärtnerstraße 28, 10245 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 77901183

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Hausen in Friedrichshain is another design shop specializing in Scandinavian aesthetics. The name itself refers to the quaint, antiquated term for houses in German. After recently expanding the shop, there is more to browse than ever before. Here, shoppers will find everything from light fixtures to blankets, rugs, and dish towels to dishware and decorations. The store’s inventory is ever-changing, and the staff is cheerful and helpful. Things are well lit and pleasant inside, making a stop here mandatory every time one is passing by, particularly on the way to the famed Boxi Flea Market only a few steps farther down the street.

Hausen, Krossener Strasse 25 10245 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 98354410

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Bless is a concept store that reconfigures the way we shop for home goods. The shop itself functions as the apartment of the person who curates it, allowing visitors to get a true feel for the way the various pieces come together to make a home. This isn’t the only aspect that distinguishes the shopping experience. Additionally, shoppers are treated as guests. Ring up to the apartment building and allow the curator to make you a pot of tea and tell you about what is new in the apartment. For a truly unique experience and access to some of the most exciting releases in furniture and décor, nothing beats Bless.

Bless, Oderberger Str. 60, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 27596566

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Hallesches Haus

Branded as a General Store, Hallesches Haus was founded by two American expats living in Berlin. Located in Kreuzberg, the shop functions in conjunction with a café and events space. To truly take in all that’s going on there, a visit to Hallesches Haus is a must, but they also have a fantastically organized online shop where purchases can also be made. Items sold at Hallesches Haus are carefully selected from designers and brands from around the world. Some favorite items include their geometric terrariums, impressive cacti, and the myriad of different hanging light fixtures.

Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin, Germany

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District Six

No tour of Berlin’s interior design boutique scene would be complete without the mention of Kreuzberg’s trendy Graefekiez. District Six moved here after the original online shop excelled in popularity. While some of the other shops on this list emphasize Scandinavian styles, the merchandise at District Six is bound by a different aesthetic, that of South Africa. Things are typically bright and bold, with striking patterns and dynamic colors. They sell a multitude of different textiles, decorations, and dishware, along with some clothing, jewelry, and other fashion accessories.

District Six, Graefestraße 80, 10967 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 28456216

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While KaDeWe is typically viewed as Berlin’s most high-end, established department store, it certainly has its trendy, modern sides. No doubt, Vitra is one of them. Located on KaDeWe’s fourth floor, Vitra first got its start at the nearby Bikini Berlin concept mall. Now with a few years under its belt, it is stocked with tons of designer furnishings and an eclectic scheme of colorful decorative accessories. The intriguing repertoire of items makes Vitra one of the most fun shops for perusing in all of KaDeWe, which is saying a lot.

Vitra, Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 21210

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Another hub for great boutiques and intriguing shops is Rykestrasse in Prenzlauer Berg. Here, explorers will find Ting, a store replete with the latest in Scandinavian design and accessories. From luscious soaps and delicate jewelry to postcards, seasonal décor, mirrors, and textiles of all kinds, it’s nearly impossible to come here without leaving with something to take home. All of the items provide a sense that everything in the shop has been hand-selected for their ability to provide aesthetic twists on classic everyday items. Be sure to visit their online shop as well.

Ting, Rykestraße 41, 10405 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 53796506

A few weeks ago I visited Laura @ting_shop_berlin #danishdesign

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Vintage Galore

While brand-new items will always have their own spark of appeal, sometimes what we’re really trying to achieve is a homier, lived-in look with the help of some vintage pieces. This is where Vintage Galore in Neukölln comes into the picture. They have an astounding selection of genuine vintage pieces for many different tastes and price ranges. The website details each new piece that comes into the shop, and most items originate in the 60s with clear Scandinavian stylistic influences. A single piece from Vintage Galore will make any interior that much more Instagram-worthy.

Vintage Galore, Sanderstraße 12, 12047 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 63963338

Berlin Vintage stores are 💯

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In very Berlin fashion, Parkhaus exists in a former industrial building, for felt manufacturing to be exact. Today, the expansive store sells home goods galore. Its owners scour the world meticulously searching for its most intriguing decorative gems and innovative designs. Come to the shop in Mitte and explore their menagerie, which is always changing. In fact, sometimes they only have one or a handful of a piece in stock, so there’s really no time to lose! They have tons of different items with an emphasis on seasonal décor, entertaining, food and drink, plus vintage style.

Parkhaus, Schröderstraße 13, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 44012460

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Süper Store

Süper Store is a tiny little shop that packs a punch. Located in Graefekiez, the boutique is filled with all kinds of elegant items from hand-embroidered pillows to stork-shaped golden sewing scissors to glass ornaments and vintage toys. There are even apparel and cosmetics like the deodorant that is so natural you could eat it. What makes this shop so charming is the thoughtful arrangements of the eclectic repertoire, which invite visitors to stop and study the details in the midst of the hectic hustle and bustle of daily life.

Süper Store, Dieffenbachstraße 12, 10967 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 98327944