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© Andreas Murkudis
© Andreas Murkudis

10 Berlin Concept Stores To Visit

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Updated: 19 December 2016
As a city known for its culture of experimentation and originality, it makes sense that Berlin’s concept stores are some of the most remarkable in the world. While their contents are varied, each offers high-quality goods that reflect facets of Berlin’s distinctly self-possessed standard of style. These unpretentious shops are ripe for exploration by anyone willing to seek them out.

The Corner Berlin

The Corner Berlin is a boutique and concept store with two different locations in Berlin, one tailoring to women and the other to men. Both boast collections comprised of an impressive roster of designers, including Valentino, Acne Studios, Vetements, and many others. This is a great place to add a refreshing pop of color to the sea of black and gray that can be found in the closets of most Berliners, because these carefully selected pieces tend to air on the side of bold and vibrant. The newly acquired Aquazzura Wild Things Sandals, for example, make the perfect sassy accent to any summer wardrobe. Want to stay in loop about what’s new at the shop? The Corner’s webpage and newsletter has you covered.

Französische Straße 40, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 20670940

Markgrafenstraße 45, Berlin, Germany,+49 (0)30 20613764


In their beautiful old third-story apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Bless is one of the more innovative and imaginative concept stores in the city. Draped with linens, knickknacks, and decorations at every turn, Bless conjures the feeling of wandering through the apartment of your coolest and most stylish friend. In fact, Berlin-based designer Mira Schröder actually lives here. This arrangement works well for the brand, because what makes Bless so intriguing is its authenticity. As for the merch itself, Bless’ repertoire hovers between the realms of fashion and home décor. To visit Bless, simply ring the bell and Mira will let you in, make a pot of tea, and show you around.

Oderberger Str. 60, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 27596566


Offering everything a person could want in a concept store, Simon&Me in the Bergmannkiez is as pretty as can be in its Scandinavian-style minimalist decorative scheme. The goods are a combination of menswear, accessories, and lifestyle products from their eponymous fashion line and a selection of other designer goods that perfectly compliment their highly original inventory. The one detail that binds all of these items together is that each one is made in Germany. From plain white T-shirts to vodka with handwritten labels, sound craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every object sold here.

Fidicinstraße 17, Berlin, Germany

Voo Store

Voted the world’s best new boutique by, this hip designer flea market on Oranienstraße takes the idea of buying secondhand, vintage items and turns it on its head. The space contains a large selection of meticulously curated high-end secondhand garments, as well as garments from small manufacturers, many of which come from Berlin-based designers like LaLa Berlin and Kaviar Gauche. Voo Store first opened in 2010 in collaboration with Berlin’s Vestiaire Collective. The space is also home to Companion Coffee, which specializes in espresso and gourmet teas. Come on Sunday afternoon when Voo Store hosts live DJs and Berlin’s coolest creatives make appearances.

Oranienstraße 24, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 6957972710

Courtesy of Voo Store

Courtesy of Voo Store


Located on the hip street of Torstraße in Mitte, Soto is a menswear shop presenting new takes on classic styles for the modern Berliner. This neatly organized space, where everything has its place, is punctuated with shabby chic rustic aesthetic elements. Details like distressed ceilings, tables made from old crates, and shelves erected from the frames of file cabinets help create an industrial feel that is quintessential to Berlin while still maintaining a crisp, clean shopping atmosphere. What makes Soto so special is the versatility of their items. Representing designers from Asia, America, and Europe, Soto offers clothing for every occasion.

Torstraße 72, Berlin, Germany,+49 (0)30 25762070


A place that originated as a felt manufacturer, Parkhaus has developed into a store specializing in home goods that is as inviting as it is fashionable, offering the latest styles in furnishing, textiles, and interior design accessories. Stacked in myriad arrangements atop tables and in display cabinets, the menagerie of items available at the showroom change quickly as the owners are constantly traveling around the globe in search of the next pieces that strike their fancy. When they find things they like, which are often rare or even one-of-a-kind, they bring them directly to the store.

Schröderstraße 13, Berlin, Germany,+49 (0)30 44012460

Andreas Murkudis

A seasoned veteran of Berlin’s art scene, Andreas Murkudis opened this concept store in Schöneberg, and it has since become one of the most well known of its kind in the city and beyond. Murkudis’ vision for the store was simply to gather a collection of objects that had meaning to him, without worrying too much about adhering to a specific theme or aesthetic. This makes each visit to the store novel and even surprising at times. The shop itself is spacious and bright. Visitors are invited to come in and linger as long as they like, examining items with the same level of care behind Murkudis’ selection.

Potsdamer Straße 81e, Berlin, Germany,+49 (0)30 680798306

Süper Store

Süper Store is situated on a leafy side street in one of Kreuzberg’s hippest areas, the Gräfekiez. This teeny shop specializes in all things ‘süper’ with an emphasis on decorations and lifestyle products like patterned pillows and throws, vintage children’s toys, and natural body care and cosmetics, combining quality pieces plucked from a diverse array of cultural traditions. The owners even make some of the items themselves. The thoughtful arrangement of these eclectic pieces against the backdrop of cozy white spaces creates an invigorating sense of aesthetic harmony. Indeed, any excuse to visit Süper Store should be taken.

Dieffenbachstraße 12, Berlin, Germany,+49 (0)30 98327944


The ultra-sophisticated Wald in Berlin was founded by a model, Joyce Binneboese, along with stylist, Dana Roski. Their passion for fashion is evident in everything they do here. They maintain strong ties to the designers they showcase at the store, and they select garments for sale because they are things the girls themselves would wear. Their aim is to contribute to the overall fashion zeitgeist both in Berlin and internationally, and their aim is to help discover new talents in the world of fashion design. Indeed, it is common to come across items on display at Wald that are sold here and nowhere else. Wald also make its own custom jewelry.

Alte Schönhauser Str. 32c, Berlin, Germany,+49 (0)30 60051164


When a Berlin label does lingerie, it only makes sense that it comes with an edge. DSTM strikes the perfect balance between wearable street wear and seductive intimates that draw inspiration from Berlin’s fetish scene. Virtually everything comes in black or beige and both leather and silk are common materials found throughout each collection. These creative garments are cut to flatter the body and offer support, making them simultaneously comfortable and sophisticated. The interior of the boutique itself perfectly matches the ‘strong, sexy, and elegant’ allure of this brand.

Torstraße 161, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 49237050

Courtesy of DTSM

Courtesy of DTSM