The Most Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia | © Eric Nathan / Alamy Stock Photo
Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is full of interesting places to explore. Visitors will find modern and old landmarks that make the capital unique. For spots that you’ll want to take photos of to fill your Instagram account, here are some of the most photogenic sites in Tbilisi.


Health Spa
Sulfur Bath in Abanotubani
Sulfur Bath in Abanotubani | © Baia Dzagnidze
Abanotubani is a Georgian term for the sulfur bath district in the old town. Easily noticeable with dome-shaped roofs scattering the area, the baths have natural spring water that is believed to have health and skin benefits.
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Orbeliani Bath House

Spa, Health Spa
Orbeliani Baths (Chreli Abano) and buildings in the Abanotubani bath district, Tbilisi (Tiflis), Georgia.
Orbeliani Baths | © Jason Langley / Alamy Stock Photo
Often called Tchreli Abano, ‘colourful baths’, the Orbeliani Bath House is one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks of the city with its colourful mosaics that adorn the exterior. Most of the bathhouses in the area date back to the 17th century and still have traces of Iranian architecture. However, this particular bath house was refurbished in an Asian style in the 19th century.
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Peace Bridge

Bridge, Park
Georgia, Tbilisi, Bridge of Peace over Kura river
Bridge of Peace over Kura river | © Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
Among the first modern structures in the capital, Peace Bridge is a glass-and-steel pedestrian bridge connecting Erekle II Street and Rike Park over the Mtkvari River. This bow-shaped landmark is 150-meters (492-feet) long and is illuminated with thousands of LED lights that switch on about 90 minutes before the sun sets.
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Narikala Fortress

Botanical Garden, Church
Narikala fortress and the old town of Tbilisi, Georgia.
Narikala fortress and the old town of Tbilisi, Georgia | © Magdalena Paluchowska / Alamy Stock Photo
Overlooking the Abanotubani, Narikala Fortress is the only remaining citadel of the city. This brick castle was built in the 4th century during the Persian rule. Walk up the steep hill or take a tramway from Rike Park to snap some shots of the breath-taking views of Mtkvari River, Rike Park and parts of the old town.
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The Kaleidoscope House

Dreamy colors of stained glass
The Kaleidoscope House | © yurii_zym / Getty Images

The Kaleidoscope House, as its been deemed by locals, dates back to the 19th century. Located on Betlemi Street, it is often visited by tourists and locals who want to admire the colourful stained glass décor, which has been very well preserved.

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The clock tower

Puppet Theater Rezo Gabriadze.
Clock Tower, Shavteli, Tbilisi | © Oleg Upalyuk / Alamy Stock Photo
Adorning Shavteli Street, this clock tower is an iconic Tbilisi sight. A small angel comes out of the clock and rings a bell with a hammer every hour, but make sure to come at noon or 7pm to see a small puppet show called The Circle of Life.
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Rike Park

Concert Hall and Exhibition Centre, Presidential Palace, Rike Park, Tbilisi, Georgia, Caucasus, Middle East, Asia
Concert Hall in Rike Park, Tbilisi | © Michel & Gabrielle Therin-Weise / Alamy Stock Photo
Rike Park is close to Abanotubani and boasts small pools, fountains, a giant chess board and dozens of chairs to sit down and relax in after a long walk through the Old Town.
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Facade of Fabrika Hostel | © Baia Dzagnidze
What used to be a Soviet sewing factory is now a popular gathering place for many locals and visiors of Tbilisi. Fabrika is a multi-functional space that incorporates a hostel, cafés, co-working space, shops and more. It’s a great spot to see the street art and hipster scene of the capital.
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