The Best Things to See and Do in Georgia in Autumn

Autumn colors | © Max Langelott / Unsplash
Autumn colors | © Max Langelott / Unsplash
Photo of Baia Dzagnidze
Writer29 March 2018

Autumn in Georgia is as beautiful as any other country with its multi-colored trees. This time of the year is characterized as the wet season; therefore, the weather changes quite often. The beginning of the season still enjoys warm sunny days, perfect for hiking the lowlands of the country and exploring various cities. The end of the season grows cold and damp, and it’s a good time to resort to indoor activities. Without further ado, here’s your helpful guide to the best things to see and do in Georgia during autumn.

Stroll down the streets of Tbilisi

Similar to spring, a good time to explore Tbilisi is during the autumn season when the temperature is around 20-25 °C (68-77°F). However, the evenings might get chilly, so have a jacket or a cardigan with you while exploring the city. Embark on a walking tour of Tbilisi and discover the iconic landmarks on the way.

Today's modern Tbilisi | © Levan Gokadze / Wikicommons

Take a dip in the Sulfur Baths

Tbilisi is known for its sulfur baths located in the old town. Known as Abanotubani, the district features several baths, each with a different price tag for you to choose from. Sulfur waters have therapeutic minerals that are good for your skin and overall health. The water temperature is naturally at 40°C (104°F), so there isn’t any chance of getting cold. You can also ask for a masseuse to give you a good scrub.

Sulfur Bath in Abanotubani | © Baia Dzagnidze

Attend a city-wide celebration

Even though the exact foundation date of Tbilisi is unknown, Tbilisoba is the most signification celebration that takes place in the fall. While the dates vary from year to year, it usually takes place at the end of September. Central streets of the city are closed to cars and are transformed into an open-air fair, where guests can buy and try local products like wine, cheese, and sweet delicacies.

Enjoy picturesque landscapes at Bateti Lake

Bateti Lake is quite small, covering only 2 hectares (5 acres). Located in Kareli Municipality, near the village of Kodmani, the lake is easily accessible by car. Even though the landscape here is beautiful all year round, the best time to visit it is in fall when the leaves change into warm, golden colors.

Bateti Lake | © Abramia Giorgi / WikiCommons

Attend harvest season in Kakheti

Rtveli is the harvesting season of wine grapes in Georgia and is one of the major events held from late September until mid-October. As Georgia is the oldest wine-producer in the world, the tradition of Rtveli dates back to ancient times. Some wine producers, both big factories and family-run wineries, host wine tours and allow visitors to participate in the harvesting.

Hike up to Black Rock Lake

Located in the Lagodekhi National Park, Black Rock Lake offers breathtaking views of the alpine zone during the summer and autumn months. First, you walk through the deep lush forest on the steep mountains that eventually open up to beautiful scenic views. Then continue your way to the alpine zone of the national park to reach the lake, located 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) above sea level.

Black Rock Lake at sunset | © Baia Dzagnidze

Visit Shaori Lake

Another picturesque place to visit in fall is the Shaori Lake, which is both a lake and a reservoir in the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions. Being 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles) long, Shaori is considered one of the most important reservoirs of the country.

Shaori lake in Autumn | © Tai Dundua

Wander through the former capital of Georgia

Kutaisi is a former capital of Georgia and one of the oldest cities in the country brimming with historical sights that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stroll down the streets of Kutaisi, visit Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery complex, then walk through the Sataplia Nature Reserve to see the footprints of dinosaurs and tour the Prometheus Cave.

Kutaisi, Georgia | © Valerii Iavtushenko/Shutterstock

Enjoy the velvet season at the Black Sea coast

Even though the summer months are over, you can still enjoy sunny days and warm waters at various resorts along the Black Sea until the middle of September. Locals call this period of time a “velvet season.” During fall, the prices are a bit lower, while the beaches are not overcrowded compared to the summer months.

Enjoy photo exhibitions in Tbilisi

During autumn months, Tbilisi hosts two photo exhibitions: Kolga Tbilisi Photo and Tbilisi Photo Festival. The first was organized in the capital 16 years ago and has been bringing the works of local and international photographers to the Tbilisi stage ever since. Within the framework of the festival, a photo competition is also held, complete with awards and prizes for the winners.

Tbilisi Photo Festival, co-founded by Georgian journalist Nestan Nijaradze and French photographer Lionel Charrier, was launched in 2010 showcasing superb works of photographers from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Attend Tbilisi Jazz Festival

Tbilisi Jazz Festival is an annual event held at Tbilisi Concert Hall. It brings international jazz singers all around the world to the stage, such a Joe Cocker; Earth, Wind and Fire; Marcus Miller; Natalie Cole; and Dee Dee Bridgewater to name just a few.

Jazz music | © Jens Thekkeveettil / Unsplash

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