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Juta | © Levan Gokadze / WikiCommons
Juta | © Levan Gokadze / WikiCommons
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The Most Stunning Mountain Hikes in Georgia

Picture of Baia Dzagnidze
Updated: 9 February 2018
Trekking and hiking lovers will love the breathtaking views in Georgia – the country boasts a variety of different trails to suit everyone from beginners through to professionals. If you’re planning a trip and want to find the perfect route for you, check out our round-up of the best spots around.
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Stepantsminda to Gergeti Glacier

This route is one of the most popular treks in the country, making a perfect one-day trip from Stepantsminda (also known as Kazbegi) village towards the root of Mount Kazbegi that lies at 3,200 meters (10,499 feet) above sea level. During your trek, you will also pass Geregti Trinity Church, one of Georgia’s most famous landmarks.

The trek can be challenging, as you need to hike 1,600 meters (5,249 feet) both ways, taking around eight hours in total. For an alternative, the village offers another, very easy trek to the Gveleti waterfalls just 7 km (4.35 miles) away.

Gergeti Glacier, Kazbegi, Georgia

Juta to Roshka through Chaukhi Pass

Chaukhi Pass is another popular trail both with locals and foreigners visiting the country. It connects the Kazbegi region with Khevsureti and takes around two days. The moderately difficult route takes you through the imposing Chaukhi Massif boasting seven sharp peaks. When you reach the other side of the pass, you can explore the colorful Abudelauri lakes and Roshka stone formation. The best time to go on a hike here is from the beginning of July until the end of September.

Chaukhi Pass, Kvesureti, Georgia

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Udziro Lake

Udziro Lake lies 2,800 meters (9,186 feet) above sea level in an alpine zone at the very end of the Racha region. In good weather you’ll be rewarded with splendid views of the Caucasus Mountains. The trek starts in the village of Shovi and takes two days. It’s considered to be a hard one, so be fully prepared – the snow can be quite heavy here, so the best time to go is from late June to late September.

Udziro Lake, Racha, Georgia

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Oreti Lake

If you’re planning a trip to Tusheti and love to hike in remote areas, then hiking to Oreti Lake is one for your list. The lake lies south of Omalo, the central village of the area. The best time to go hiking here is early summer, when the season for touring Tusheti is open. Once you reach the lake, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views.

Oreti Lake, Tusheti, Georgia

Mestia to Koruldi Lakes

If you’re visiting Mestia, the central city of Svaneti and are up for a small hike, consider Koruldi Lakes for a great day hike from here. The alpine lakes lie at the bottom of Ushba mountain, creating a stunning view of the surroundings. The trek takes approximately seven hours and is considered to be of moderate difficulty.

Koruldi Lakes, Upper Svaneti, Georgia

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Koruldi Lake | © Culture Trip / Tai Dundua

Shkhara Glacier

Another very beautiful hike in Svaneti is towards the Shkhara Glacier that starts from Ushguli village. The trail goes along the dirt road and might not be that pleasant, but the views of the highest point in Georgia are worth every step. This could easily be a day hike as it takes only five hours in total – however, you can shorten it by hiring a jeep.

Shkara Glacier, Upper Svaneti, Georgia


Shkhara Massif | © ilan molcho / WikiCommons

Intsra Waterfall

The trail towards Intsra Waterfall is a lesser-known trek that starts from Chkvareli village, located a 45-minute drive from Zugdidi, the central city of the Samegrelo region. The trek is easy and takes only three hour,s making it a great one for day trip to get away in nature.

Intsra Waterfall, Samegrelo region, Georgia

Tobavarchkhili Lakes

Considered to be one of the most difficult and dangerous hiking routes of Georgia, the trail to Tobavarchkili, or silver lakes, is packed with absolutely stunning views. You need several days to hike up to the lakes and the same amount of days to come back. However, the beauty of those crystal-clear waters is worth every step. Situated at the heart of the Egrisi Mountains, the lakes separate Upper Svaneti from the lowlands.

Tobavarchkhili Lakes, Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti, Georgia

Tobavarchkhili | © Culture Trip / Tai Dundua