The Most Popular Hiking Trails in Georgia

Truso Valley | © Lidia Ilona / WikiCommons
Truso Valley | © Lidia Ilona / WikiCommons
Photo of Baia Dzagnidze
Writer9 February 2018

With its mountainous landscape, Georgia is a paradise for hiking and nature lovers. Here, the possibilities are endless – you can hike to remote villages, explore breathtaking lakes and high peaks, or travel from one region to another on foot. Here’s our pick of the best trails around.

Stepantsminda to Gergeti Trinity Church

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Holy Trinity Church in Gergeti
Holy Trinity Church in Gergeti | © Baia Dzagnidze
Stepantsminda, also called Kazbegi by many, is one of the most popular destinations close to Tbilisi. One of its main draws is the Gergeti Triniti Church situated right at the bottom of Kazbegi mountain, offering breathtaking views of the village and hills. The hike here is quite easy, as it’s just 4 km (2.5 miles) long and takes around an hour to an hour and a half. However, if you’d like something a bit extreme, you can also explore the Gergeti Glacier.

Mestia to Ushguli

Svaneti is another popular destination for hiking lovers in Georgia – the region offers many trails covering mountains, high peaks, and lakes. One of the most famous is the trail from Mestia to Ushguli, the most remote part of the region which is also considered to be one of the highest settlements in Europe. Stay in Ushguli for a night or two, and enjoy the stunning views of Shkara mountain.

Ushguli, Upper Svaneti, Georgia

Chaukhi Pass

Chaukhi Pass is another trail popular with both locals and visitors to Georgia. It connects Kazbegi with the Khevsureti region, one of the several medieval areas of the country. The trail offers splendid views of the Chaukhi Massif and its impressive seven peaks. The main reason why people hike up here is to visit the Arkhoti community and enjoy the views of beautiful waterfalls, stunning gorges, and complete isolation from civilization.

Chaukhi Pass, Georgia

Chaukhi Pass | © Adam Jones / Flickr

Abudelauri Lakes

The Abudelauti Lakes in the Khevsureti region boast three different colored lakes. This spot is a great weekend getaway from Tbilisi, where you can either stay in a guesthouse or in your tent. The lakes are of blue, green and white color and are located very close to each other, which means you can see all three in a day. If you plan to camp here, then be aware that the only possible area is near the green lake.

Abudelauiri Lakes, Khevsureti, Georgia

The blue lake at Abudelauri Lakes | © Culture Trip / Tai Dundua

Omalo to Khevsureti

Tusheti‘s central town Omalo is a great destination for those who want to try out their skills on a multi-day trip from one region to another. The route from Omalo to Shatili takes you through the beautiful villages of Tusheti, where you can stay in guesthouses and explore the life of the locals. And as you go along the trail towards the Khevsureti region, you’ll come across deserted villages where only the ruins of medieval defence towers remain. Khevsureti is similar to Tusheti, as they both have medieval architecture, but the constructions in Khevsureti are different.

Shatili, Khevsureti, Georgia

Shatili to Juta

This trail connecting the Khevsureti and Kazbegi regions is also quite difficult, and requires about six days to complete. The route follows the little-frequented border areas of the country, particularly at Aghma-Georgitsminda. There are no roads or civilization, only couple of shepherd’s huts and a border post.

Juta, Kazbegi, Georgia

Borjom-Kharagauli National Park

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Being one of the biggest national parks of the country, Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is famous for its wildlife and pristine forests. The park offers nine very well marked trails, from which the St. Andrew’s path is the best and most popular. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area, and the opportunity to climb Sametskhvario mountain, the highest peak of the park. The park also offers a visitor’s center where you can stay for a night, or designated camping sites throughout the area.

Truso Valley

Kazbegi offers further popular hiking opportunities in Truso Valley, an almost abandoned area towards the South Ossetia border. Besides gorgeous nature, you can explore travertine rock formations from the local mineral springs, ancient towers, hot springs, and a number of deserted settlements. Unfortunately, you can’t walk through the whole valley, and have to turn back once you reach the Georgian border post.

Truso Valley, Kazbegi, Georgia