8 Unique Souvenirs You Can Only Get in Georgia

Napkin made by Hooda © Baia Dzagnidze
Napkin made by Hooda © Baia Dzagnidze
Photo of Baia Dzagnidze
Writer8 November 2017

You might notice that handmade items are prevalent in Georgia and are reasonably priced. There are dozens of artisan shops in Tbilisi where you can buy unique souvenirs for your loved ones or for yourself. Although you can’t bargain in the shops, you should try to if you plan on buying souvenirs from the street vendors. Here are some of the most unique souvenirs to buy in Georgia.

Enamel Jewelry

Enamel is a combination of melted glass and metals, such as silver, copper, and gold. In Georgia, the development of this technique covers a wide chronological range, spanning the period from the 8th century to the end of the 15th century. Unfortunately, the art form was lost in the 15th century and only revived in the 20th century when practitioners started mixing modern and traditional techniques to create beautiful glass jewelry, making a truly authentic gift. Ornament enamel art gallery sells pieces from the most excellent jewelers and enamel artists of Georgia.

Ornament, 7 Erekle II St, Tbilisi, Georgia, + 995 32 29 36 41

Khinkali Socks

Although this is not handmade, khinkali socks (socks with a print of traditional Georgian dumplings) are a unique gift you can get for anyone. Try Altersocks, which produces a couple of other Georgian-themed socks, as well, such as Adjaruli Khachapuri, Niko Pirosmani (a Georgian painter), and Chokha (Georgian traditional costume). If you buy three or more, you get a discount and a gift box.

Traditional Blue Tablecloth

The traditional Georgian tablecloth is decorated with birds, deer, and other figures and has been an integral part of the local culture for centuries. Georgians modified the favored method of cold-vat dyeing that originated in the East and added their own characteristics. They used indigo paint to dye the cotton tablecloth blue and then decorated them with local patterns, making it stand out among the Russian and European counterparts. These tablecloths were once forgotten, but re-emerged on the market a while back. You’ll find them at Gallery 27 or Nido.ge artisan shops.

Georgian traditional blue tablecloth 💕 #blue #tablecloth #georgiatradition #handmade #crafts #artstudio

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Replica of the Georgian Archeological Treasury

The souvenir shop at the Georgian National Museum sells reproductions of the Georgian archeological treasury, which dates back to the 3rd century BCE to the 4th century CE. Here, you can buy jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces, to name a few.

Georgian National Museum, 3 Purtseladze St, Tbilsi, Georgia, +995 32 299 58 95

#museumweek საერთაშორისო კვირეულის დღევანდელი თემაა მემკვიდრეობა #heritagemw! ქვებით ინკრუსტირებული ოქროს ჭვირული ყელსაბამი შიდა ქართლში, არმაზისხევის N6 სამარხში აღმოჩნდა და ახ. წ. II-III საუკუნეებით თარიღდება. ინკრუსტაციის ამგვარი ტექნიკა იბერიაში აღმოსავლეთიდან შემოვიდა და მოერგო ადგილობრივ ტრადიციებს. იბერიელმა ოსტატებმა შექმნეს სამკაულის საკუთარი პოლიქრომიული სტილი, რომელსაც ძირითადად ორი ფერის ქვის – გრანატისა და ფირუზის მონაცვლეობა განსაზღვრავდა. ადგილობრივ ნაწარმს საქართველოს ფარგლებს გარეთ ზუსტი ანალოგები არ ეძებნება. In today’s topic #heritagemw would like to tell you the story of how Iberians created their own polychromatic style that was basically determined by alternation of two-colored stones – garnet and turquoise. This technique of incrustation came from the East and has been adapted to the local traditions. The necklace discovered in Armaziskevi tomb N6 represents the exhibit of #GNM and is dated II-III centuries A.D. It must be noted that no exact counterparts have being found out of Georgia. #museumweek2016

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Modern Tablecloth

For the architecture lovers, Hooda offers modern-style tablecloths featuring decorative details taken from the various buildings in Tbilisi. They offer long and short tablecloths, as well as napkins in different colors and designs for your table setting.

Traditional Clothes With Modern Touches

Samoseli Pirveli is a clothing shop that offers traditional Georgian clothes tailored in contemporary style. Here, you can buy clothes, shoes, and accessories for, men, women, and kids. And for those who like casual style, Samoseli Pirveli has t-shirts with prints of old black-and-white pictures of Georgian noblemen and noblewomen wearing traditional clothes.

Samoseli Pirveli, 34 Irakli Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia, +995 322 23 43 63

T – shirts with old pictures by @samoselipirveli

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Something for Your Home

If you are looking for items to add to your home décor, head to Georgian Furniture Underground. This shop is a collaboration of different designers who have created a showroom to display their products in one space. In addition to tables, chairs, and sofas, you can find smaller pieces that will fit in your suitcase, such as ceramic cups, clocks, knitted blankets, posters, vases, and much more.

Georgian Furniture Underground, 3/5 Galaktion Tabidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia, +995 599 21 29 72

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