5 Lesser-Known Mountain Hikes in Georgia

Lagodekhi path | © Baia Dzagnidze
Lagodekhi path | © Baia Dzagnidze
Photo of Baia Dzagnidze
Writer14 February 2018

Georgia’s lush nature, dominated by the Caucasus Mountains, offers great opportunities for hiking lovers. There are many popular trails with stunning landscapes across the country. And there are several that are less known to foreigners and locals alike. Thus, we give you the guide to the less touristic mountain trails you can conquer in the country.

Kikhani Fortress in Adjara

Mountainous Adjara is a spectacular area to explore. The route to the fortress is quite windy but offers great panoramic views. Similar to other hiking trails mentioned on this list, this one might not be for everyone. In addition, the weather changes quite frequently, so you might get caught in rain and fog and you might not be able to make it up to the fortress at all.

Khulo village, Adjara, Georgia


View from the fortress | © კოლხი / WikiCommons

One-day hike to Mkheri in Svaneti

The distance of this trail is 14 kilometers and takes around seven hours to complete. Starting from the Latali community, you have to cross the Enguri River over the bridge. From here, it’s quite easy to follow the route to the top of the mountain. You’ll hike through a basic forest landscape, and note that you won’t have access to water, so come well prepared. After you exit the forest, you’ll enter the alpine zone with breathtaking panoramic views of the Caucasus range and the Lahili summit situated at 4,000 meters (13,123 ft.) above sea level.

Mkheri Church in Latali, Svaneti, Georgia

Pirikiti Tusheti

Tusheti is a famous destination for mountain lovers, with its medieval defense towers, remote areas, and deserted villages. The most popular trails you can hike in the region is towards the lakes or to Khevsureti, which passes through many interesting villages along the way. However, not that many know that Tusheti’s Pirikiti area also offers beautiful views and is less known.

The trek takes you from the bottom of Alazani Valley located in the Pirikiti range and follows narrow rocky valley. Taking around 8-10 hours, the trail is not suitable for everyone but is perfect who seeks some adventure and would love to challenge their hiking skills.

Pirikiti Kedi, Tusheti, Georgia

Abuli megaliths

Foreign travelers and most local hikers rarely go to the Javakheti region, which boasts inspiring, exhilarating, and mystical mountains. The total distance of the trail is around 16 km and takes up to six hours to hike. On the way, you can visit an ancient megalithic fortress on the Small Abuli Mountain at the elevation of 2,700 meters (8,858 ft.). The stone route along the mountains gives a feeling of a prehistoric highway.

Abuli, Javakheti, Georgia


Abuli Megalithic Fortress | © travelgeorgia.ru / WikiCommons

Lagora Huts

The trail to the Lagora Huts starts from Ghebi village, Racha region. The area used to have defense towers very similar to those of Svaneti, but now there are towers of Georgian mobile operator Magti that notifies travelers that they are on the right route. The path continues to meadows and dark forest. Afterward, you’ll have to find your way through hogweeds to reach the huts. The overall distance of the hike is around 13 km and should take you roughly six hours or so.

Ghebi village, Racha, Georgia