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You Can Now Get A Rubik's Cube Cake in Paris, and it's Amazing
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You Can Now Get A Rubik's Cube Cake in Paris, and it's Amazing

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 24 April 2017
In 2016 master patissier, Cédric Grolet was named Pastry Chef of the Year, and when you see his baking and cake making, you can see why.

In a recent rant in The Observer, UK food critic Jay Rayner bewailed the lack of good desserts and puddings available in the UK. This, he surmised, was that not enough chefs are trained in pastry. Pastry is dessert, and it takes years of skill, as well as cold hands, to master its many uses.
One such master is Cédric Grolet, the chef Pâtissier at two Michelin star Restaurant Le Dali in Le Meurice hotel, Paris. The hotel’s two restaurants are part of Alain Ducasse’s global empire of gastronomy. In such places, the dessert is elevated to an art form, and Cédric’s most recent creation is a Rubik’s Cube of individual, millimetre-perfect cakes.

The Rubik’s Cube Cake

More amazing bakes

It’s not the only stunning baking in his repertoire though, his cooking is often as playful as it is technically flawless. Here then, courtesy of his Instagram, are more of his outstanding creations.

The Dill Apple

As of Friday 21 April no longer available at the restaurant, it has been replaced by…

The Grapefruit Sansho

The apple tart in Torino 🍏🇮🇹🍎


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The Saint-honoré

The Millefeuille vanilla

About Cédric Grolet

Grolet was born near Saint-Étienne, and began winning awards early in his career, including first prize at the Festival National des Croquembouches (this classic French dessert is a huge cone structure made from profiteroles held together with caramel) in 2005. After a spell in China, he returned to Paris and joined Le Meurice as a sous-chef in 2011, before rising rapidly to the position of Chef Pâtissier.