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Framboise Crêpes |Courtesy of Framboise Crêpes
Framboise Crêpes |Courtesy of Framboise Crêpes

Where to Try the 10 Best Crêpes in Paris

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Updated: 8 November 2017

The best crêperies in Paris are no longer satisfied with just serving up a flat pancake sprinkled with sugar. Nowadays, they delight in dressing up their delicious masterpieces in rose petal whipped cream or rolling them out into strange contemporary works of art almost too good to eat.

Crêperie Gourmet 

Ideally located in the heart of the famous Latin Quarter—the most charming place in Paris—the Crêperie Gourmet Alizée offers you the best of Brittany’s specialties through a delightful and authentic cuisine prepared with mouthwateringly fresh ingredients.

The crispy galettes and crêpes will whisk you away to the most exquisite of Brittany’s cuisine. But there’s no fancy or fussy over-decoration here; they focus on simplicity with a wide variety of salty galettes and sweet crêpes all crafted with care. You can eat two eggs and two slices of ham on a galette for a simplified French take on our English breakfast.

It’s a favorite among bio’s lovers, as their galettes and crêpes are entirely made of organic buckwheat and wheat flour.


Crêperie gourmet brunch |Courtesy of Crêperie Gourmet


MARDI Crepe Club

MARDI is a speedy, casual place for crêpes that will tantalize your taste buds as you rush from one destination to another. Opened in Paris in 2016, MARDI produces savory and sweet crépes to eat in a modern and comfortable 40 capacity restaurant, but more often than not it’s a favorite for take away. You simply drop by and compose your own crépes by choosing from no less than 50 high-quality toppings.


Mardi Crepe Club |Courtesy of Mardi Crepe Club

137 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

Crêperie Port Manech 

This place never strays far from its trusty artisan suppliers of cider, sausage, flour, and beer. Everything on the menu is homemade, and every vegetable you’ll try is handpicked and fresh, and, of course, the eggs are organic.
A particular gem from their galette selection is the “rochefortaise” with organic egg, Emmental cheese, ham, onion, and mushroom topped with cream and a sprinkle of parsley and tomatoes.
They also experiment with visual displays and forms, not satisfied in just serving up a flat pancake, but rolling them out into strange contemporary works of art almost too good to eat.

Crêperie Port Manech |Courtesy of Crêperie Port Manech

52 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris

Creperie Gigi

Gigi is the result of a beautiful adventure which started in 2007 with the creation of a wine bar, a steak restaurant, and a seafood bar, before embarking on a new experience with a quirky reimagined crêpe restaurant.


Creperie Gigi |Courtesy of Creperie Gigi

The idea behind their cuisine is to reimagine classic and ultimately boring crepe recipes such as “ham, cheese and egg” or “sugar and butter” into something elaborate, striking, and gourmet (Shiitake, truffled ham, or even rose petal whipped cream) and to offer a selection of mini crêpes as appetizers (Burrata-stuffed crêpe with caramelized onions or goat cheese, caramelized apple, spinach, and honey). Every recipe can also be served as a crunchy salad in a buckwheat bowl that you can eat with vegetables and is insta-perfect in presentation.


Creperie Gigi |Courtesy of Creperie Gigi

The chef loves working with seasonal products that are original and authentic, and her dedication to quality shines through in her selection of suppliers (Maison Bordier for butter, Marcel Petit for the comté, organic flour from Moulin Bourgeois, and more).

A large selection of organic wines are offered (Saint Romain de F.Cossard, La Prairie du domaine de la Banjoulière) as well as a fine collection of ciders (Bordelet, Cécillon), and beer (Deck & Donohue).


Creperie Gigi |Courtesy of Creperie Gigi

What’s more, it is situated in the hip district of North Marais (NoMa), with the walls and floor covered with bois debout (wood cobblestone) in a modern, cozy, and chic atmosphere, making it a little bit different from your ordinary crêpe restaurant.

Crêperie Paris Breizh

The ingredients are far from ordinary at Crêperie Paris Breizh, merging local tastes of Brittany with Japanese tradition to yield surprising but incredible results.


Crêperie Paris Breizh |Courtesy of Crêperie Paris Breizh

And surprisingly, these two food cultures go hand in hand. You will never have the same experience twice, and the chefs work like artists, describing the crepes as having “décors” and flaunting their “own personality.”


Crêperie Paris Breizh |Courtesy of Crêperie Paris Breizh

These chefs leave nothing to chance, except the uniqueness of the encounter between the customer and the food.


Crêperie Paris Breizh |Courtesy of Crêperie Paris Breizh

Framboise Crêpes 

Framboise Crêpes brings the world up to date on the tasting of crêpes, aiming to re-enchant the world of crêpes with audacity but finesse. Here, you will discover a menu rich in taste and new discoveries, fresh products, and a 100% organic commitment. The pasta is homemade and the crépes and patties are prepared and turned by hand.

In terms of location, the restaurants are colorful with a contemporary décor, conducive to relaxation and conviviality. You can find these restaurants dotted all over the city in the 1st, 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th arrondissements for a moment of exceptional pancake tasting wherever you are.

Crêpes Framboise

Framboise Crêpes |Courtesy of Framboise Crêpes

7 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie

At Lulu, the deliciously handcrafted pancakes are made with buckwheat, bio wheat, or a special Breton flour unique to the region, all hailing from the mill of Charbonnière.


Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie |Courtesy of Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie

They only work with fresh and seasonal products, meaning that the menu changes three times a year. The crêperie also offers artisanal farm ciders, winegrowers’ wines, organic fruit juices, and a fine selection of spirits, all of which come from independent distilleries.


Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie |Courtesy of Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie

The savory galettes are priced from 7 to 12 euros, while pancakes vary from a modest 4.5 to 8 euros.


Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie |Courtesy of Lulu la nantaise – Crêperie


Krügen offers a culinary experience of what is Breton’s food culture for buckwheat crêpes in a hippie surf setting, bringing you what is the best of  Bigouden’s country. The modest price range starts from 6.5€ and goes up to 12.5€ depending on whether you fancy buckwheat, sweet, or savory.
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KRÜGEN |Courtesy of KRÜGEN

Comptoir Belge

Since the beginning, Le Comptoir Belge has been passionately dedicated to reinventing Belgium’s classic cuisine. Even the whipped cream is homemade in the ultimate strive towards authenticity.

Comptoir Belge |Courtesy of Comptoir Belge

As well as crêpes, they specialize in the Liège waffle.

totale belge-min

Comptoir Belge |Courtesy of Comptoir Belge

58 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris

Crêperie Pen Ty

Place de Clichy is one of the liveliest places in Paris, as its square is lined with all kinds of shops, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and crêperies. But Pen Ty creperie has ranked as the best in the area for over 30 years, offering pancakes and cakes made by a real Breton. You’ll discover a very traditional menu (andouille Guéméné, salted butter caramel, kouign amann, etc) and a wide selection of ciders in a cozy intimate setting. This little crêperie does get booked up quickly, so it is best to reserve in advance, especially on the weekend.

Crêperie Pen Ty |Courtesy of Crêperie Pen Ty

65 Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris