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What's On In Paris | Weekend 29 April - May 1st 2016
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What's On In Paris | Weekend 29 April - May 1st 2016

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Updated: 27 May 2016
The weekend is here at last! The days are getting longer, which means there is even more weekend to enjoy. Even though the recent sunny spell has been marred by cloudy days and chilly winds, there are still plenty of bright activities to warm up your day. From amazing food to music, to outdoor activities, here are the best things to do and see this weekend in Paris!


DRINK  |   London In Paris

Longing for a taste of London? Well, you can actually find bits of London in Paris itself.  These places will have you thinking you’ve landed in the wrong capital!

FOOD    |   Cucuzza

Check out Paris’ authentic pizzeria all’italiana, which serves not only the best of pizzas but also has an outstanding selection of Italian wine, right in the heart of Paris’ trendy Batignolles.



MUSIC   |   Paris’ Best Record Stores

Are you a fan of vinyl? Parisian record stores enthusiastically engage in promoting this format and are inseparable from the city’s history. Find out our selection of the top 10 record stores in Paris.

Soundtrack Week at The Tiny Record Shop | Image courtesy of The Tiny Record Shop

Soundtrack Week at The Tiny Record Shop | Image courtesy of The Tiny Record Shop

DRINK   |   Moonshiner

A true American Prohibition speakeasy, from the clandestine entrance and the retro jazz to the menu of 83 whiskies. Who said the days of Gatsby are dead?

Courtesy of Moonshiner

Courtesy of Moonshiner | Courtesy of Moonshiner

MUSICAL   |   Carmen La Cubana

What would happen if you relocate Bizet’s famous opera Carmen to a revolutionary Cuba? You get ‘Carmen la Cubana’, a contemporary and fiery touch to an immortal, all-time classic.

Carmen La Cubana/ ©Théâtre du Châtelet

Carmen La Cubana/ ©Théâtre du Châtelet


CELEBRATE  |  La fête du Travail

Le premier mai (The First of May), is a national holiday in France, meaning that nearly everyone in France has the day off. Although this means that museums, shops, and restaurants will most likely be closed, we have some ideas of que faire on this holiday!

Muguet | © Otodo/Flickr

Muguet | © Otodo/Flickr

HISTORY   |   Paris’ Most Mysterious Urban Legends

With Paris being such a beautiful city, associated to elegance and light, we often forget that like every city, Paris also has a dark mysterious side. Read on to discover Paris’ urban legends.

MUSIC   |   Soundtrack To Paris

The perfect Sunday playlist for all you, Parisian daydreamers!