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Joyas Blandas |© Dayra Benavides
Joyas Blandas |© Dayra Benavides
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Used Materials Inspire Eclectic Designs at Paris Design Week

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Updated: 28 August 2017
Paris Design Week is an exciting international platform for young and emerging design talent. This year, there’s a curious trend emerging with focus on the elegance of upcycling and creative re-use.

Paris Design Week is taking over more than 180 venues like La Maison Rouge, 104, and the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. It showcases everything from furniture and fashion to home décor and delicious gastronomy. There seems to be an increased spotlight on transforming by-products, waste materials, useless and unwanted products into beautifully fashionable creations. What’s more, it’s free of charge to visit.

Arte Faktos

Arte Faktos opens the floodgates of Colombian creativity with an explosion of colors, vibrant patterns, and surprising textures. It promises to add a spark of fun and excitement to the theme of creative re-use at Paris Design Week.

Joyas Blandas
Joyas Blandas | © Dayra Benavides

Dayra Benavides, artist and artisan of the Carnival of Blacks and Whites of Pasto, Colombia, crafts jewels that are simply bursting with color. The pieces are derived from an eclectic range of textile by-products coming from various clothing industries, bringing concerns for ecological contribution to the reuse chain brazenly into consideration.

Joyas Blandas
Joyas Blandas | © Dayra Benavides

The products tread a delicate line between past and present, remaining proudly faithful to ancestral heritage and often drawing inspiration from ancient mythology. But they also tend toward the cosmopolitan design and desires of contemporary society.

They are not only dazzling in design, but also manifest great durability being “anatomically adapted to the body.” The sewing process is meticulously careful, by hand, of course, and inspired by the timeless knowledge passed down through generations in the south of Colombia. They are truly unique pieces that will light up your day.

The Woods Gallery

The Woods Gallery is another unique highlight of Paris Design Week, proudly giving space to upcycling and an eco-friendly approach. Each piece is made in Paris in the heart of Montmartre, from vintage or natural eco-friendly fabrics. The three pillars of their project are ethics, respect of environment, and conscious production.

Courtesy of The Woods Gallery
Courtesy of The Woods Gallery | © The Woods Gallery

Founded in 2013 by stylist Lauren Altounian, The Woods presents its fifth ready-to-wear collection for spring-summer 2017. The brand is a curious fusion of influence and inspiration drawn from urban architecture, natural landscapes, and rock music. This combination gives way to a minimalistic, edgy, often feminine style, with their latest line of ready-to-wear clothing flaunting a retro-futuristic vibe.

Courtesy of The Woods Gallery
Courtesy of The Woods Gallery | © The Woods Gallery

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a brand so invested in development concerns, The Woods Gallery is special in that it provides residency opportunities to contemporary artists and designers throughout the year, starting with Parisian illustrator Jean-André during Paris Design Week. Praised for his women’s china-ink portraits and his tattoo art, this exciting artist vows a reinterpretation of iconic design pieces, staying faithful to the brand’s ecological commitment.

Courtesy of The Woods Gallery
Courtesy of The Woods Gallery | © The Woods Gallery

Joe Sayegh

The furniture of fervent tree-lover and self-taught designer Joe Sayegh promotes fashion as an act of foraging. He grants a second life to the wood discarded by the timber industry by recreating them into unique pieces. They take on a second chance through five different collections: tableware, floral art, wall coverings, furniture, and monumental tables.

Table monumentale Acacia
Table monumentale Acacia | © Joe Sayegh

It was on a trip to Java that Joe Sayegh first became enchanted by the charm of the tropical rain forests and fell in love with the beauty of exotic wood. “Not everyone knows that in South-East Asia the lumber industry is destroying these forests…wood left unused, trees at the end of their life-cycle or wood left for scrap, like roots, branches or stumps that they call ‘pig-tails.’ I felt that these incredible, very elaborate shapes deserved a second life.”

Show Room
Show Room | © Joe Sayegh

“Giving wood a second life is wonderful. Transforming these pieces and making them available to all is the crowning achievement of everything I have been doing in Java for 15 years. And because we command the whole chain, from production to distribution, we can do it at really affordable prices.”

Mise en scène – Art de la Table
Mise en scène – Art de la Table | © Joe Sayegh

It’s a passion that has burned for the past thirty-five years. The pieces are “designed to be timeless,” but will nonetheless “evolve in pace with my inspiration.” More information on this year’s Paris Design Week can be found here.